Step 2: Sunlight shaded pictures

Picture of Sunlight shaded pictures
IMG_4672 - Copy.JPG
All these picture were taking outdoors though in shade. The benefit to creating shade outdoors is you get the natural illumination of the sun without the shadows.

In the salamander picture you can see how bright the sunlight is if you look at the very back of the picture. I was holding a sheet of notebook paper to create the shade.

In the Xbox Cufflinks picture I had taped a piece of computer paper to my car and stood in the shadow casted from my house over the driveway.

The scull ring picture is taken in my garage with the garage door open. You can tell which way the sunlight is coming in by the brightest part of the picture.

The I heart bacon buckle was placed on the trunk of my car again using the shade from my house. 

The butterfly bracelet was photographed on my back patio. If you look past the piece you can see how bright the sun is.

I’ve noticed that if you take a macro picture while the item is too close the background (ie: a sheet of paper) the overall tint of the photo will be darkened.