Step 6: My "light box"

So here’s the secret to a shadow free picture; a light box. But it doesn’t really have to be a box. All you need is a few simple items.

Scotch tape
Four paper towels
A sheet of computer paper
Something to tape the paper to, I’m using a paint can
A couple lamps

Take the paper and tape it to your stand so there’s a curve in the page. Take two paper towels and cover the back half of the stand and paper. Take another two paper towels and cover the front half. Direct two lamps so that they shine from each side at a 45 degree angle down onto the “light box”.

What you’ve done is illuminated a small area by using the paper towels to diffuse light. Now when you take a picture you can do it without casting shadows. Of course if the item your photographing if bigger than the sheet of computer paper you’ll have to modify the setup. To further brighten the photos you can use photo shop to adjust the brightness. If you don’t have photoshop you can buy “white light” bulbs or adjust how close you have the lamps to your box.

Keep in mind the camera has to be within the shadow of the box to take a good picture. You could also use the same setup in sunlight. Just by looking at the setup you'd think the picture would come out very dark but the camera adjusts pretty well.

Thanks for reading.
action pig3 years ago
Nice 'ible! I'm taking notes, I take terrible photos.
Brilliant! Good Job! Great Idea! Thanks!