How to Take Quality Photos From Your PC


Introduction: How to Take Quality Photos From Your PC

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In this instructable I will teach you how to take good, qaulity photos on your pc. All you need, is well a PC! Once you have that move to step 1, if you cant complete this pre-step you might as well just skip this instructable entirely. Moving on!

Step 1: Taking Pictures.

When taking pictures of your screen use programs like Snipping tool (Comes with Windows 7) or Icy Screen (Found at that allow you to select the area of your screen or even the entire screen , not cameras. Photo 1 is a picture of the screen with a camera, Photo 2 is with snipping tool, see the difference?

Step 2: Upload!

All you have to do now is upload the pictures! Sorry for the short instructable, I was just tired of seeing all these horrible quality shots of the screens. Hope this information helps!



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    print screen and paint. Easiest thing.

    I know paintshoppro has an inport feature that allows you to chose what section of a page you want to copy, other programs may have the same or similar feature

    1 reply

    Im pretty sure icy screen has that feature, and I know snipping tool does

    Good Idea, perhaps some links to the tools used and a bit more info on them?