In this instructable I will teach you how to take good, qaulity photos on your pc. All you need, is well a PC! Once you have that move to step 1, if you cant complete this pre-step you might as well just skip this instructable entirely. Moving on!

Step 1: Taking Pictures.

When taking pictures of your screen use programs like Snipping tool (Comes with Windows 7) or Icy Screen (Found at http://www.16software.com/icyscreen/) that allow you to select the area of your screen or even the entire screen , not cameras. Photo 1 is a picture of the screen with a camera, Photo 2 is with snipping tool, see the difference?

Step 2: Upload!

All you have to do now is upload the pictures! Sorry for the short instructable, I was just tired of seeing all these horrible quality shots of the screens. Hope this information helps!

print screen and paint. Easiest thing.
I know paintshoppro has an inport feature that allows you to chose what section of a page you want to copy, other programs may have the same or similar feature
Im pretty sure icy screen has that feature, and I know snipping tool does
Good Idea, perhaps some links to the tools used and a bit more info on them?

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