Step 2: Dissolve the egg shells

Place each of the eggs into a 250ml beaker and cover with vinegar. Place them in a spot where they wont be tampered with, (then put them somewhere even safer with a note on them, saying "do not touch"). Leave for 2-3 days (over weekend is best, you can set them up on a Friday lesson and revisit Monday/Tuesdayish.
Nice job. I teach organic chemistry, but I'll forward this to my general chemistry colleagues.
Are you entering this project in the teacher contest?
hello. yes, I am hoping to enter the contest . Would appreciate the votes ;)
Thanks. Home school teachers appreciate this kind of project.
Wonderful Instructable, bravo. When I did this, watching the eggs grow and shrink was very exiting. Try putting the eggs in Karo syrup or corn syrup. The effects are very dramatic ;-). Hooray for science!
Yay, science! I'm a working physicist, and p-chem like this has always been my downfall. Somehow, the fact that osmotic pressure can work even in the absence of a physical pressure difference still seems like magic :-)

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Bio: I'm a science teacher who enjoys making things that I can use in class to help my pupils understand and enjoy science.
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