Rabbits need to be educated. They eat, they flop around and poop a lot, but they really should do something more useful, like spinning in circles around our feet on command!

Like humans, rabbits are extremely motivated by treats. My rabbit, whose name is Abungadi, has a fondness for raisins and apples, which I will use in this video to trick him into doing tricks :)

The video shows you what training a rabbit looks like, and how to gradually reduce the level of prompting needed to get your bunny to do tricks. The following steps in this Instructable will help you understand what the levels of prompting are and some basic tips for how to begin training your rabbit. Enjoy!

Learning objective:
By following the training technique outlined in this Instructable, you're rabbit will be able to perform simple tricks like spinning in circles, running around your feet, or moving in a figure eight pattern. Training your rabbit will also keep his body active, sharpen his ability to comprehend and follow tasks, and strengthen the loving bond between both of you.

Step 1: Hierarchy of Prompts

So here's what you need to know - there's something called the hierarchy of prompts. For rabbit training, here's how it looks:

At the bottom are the most hands-on prompts, like physically picking up your rabbit and spinning him in a circle.
Next comes putting a treat right in front of your bun's nose and using the sweet smell of a raisin to lure him into running around in a circle.
After that you can use a gesture without a treat, like making a circular motion with your hand.
And finally, with enough training and more than a handful of treats, your rabbit will be able to perform a trick with just the verbal prompt.

Your goal is to gradually reduce the amount of prompting needed for your bunny to complete a trick, from excessive pointing and grunting to a simple one-word command.
<p>what does the clicker do?</p>
<p>It teaches the rabbit to associate the sound of the clicker with a reward, so when they hear the clicker they will do what you want.</p>
Using the clicker relates the click sound with receiving a treat, so each time the rabbit hears the clicker they know that they've done something good and will be getting a treat
My bunny is a lion head mix and her name is Zuri, shes 3 almost 4 months old. When can I feed her carrots and celery and such cause i read that baby bunnies shouldnt have those for a while but it didn't say when or how old to be when they can have them
<p>hey, don't feed her much carrot because it has a lot of sugar (for rabbits at least) and celery is fine- it won't hurt her. (I know I'm probably too late because your rabbit is 7 months old. But hopefully my reply will help someone else)</p>
Thanks. I havent fed her much carrots. Just 1 or 2 and I haven't given her any in weeks so far caus she seems to prefer her pellets
<p>Does this work best with an older bun or younger bun? My sister has a baby Rex rabbit who is quite stubborn but loves her..please help!</p>
This really works, but the clicker can be replaced with gentle strokes on the head. My rabbit knows: come here, leave the cage, return to the cage, walk on 2 legs, hop on 2 legs, stand upright, get into running position, sit down, jump here, eat that and hide.
Buns are SO smart...give them attention and you will see!
<p>what breed of rabbit is this.</p>
Our rabbit could walk all the way to our house from our store without guidance. Its not a joke https://youtu.be/2utN3QFbkys
This is Sugar and alby, Sugar is 2 and white, brown and black spots, and idk Alby's age I found him and no one claimed him.
Both of them have been &quot;fixed&quot;.
Thanks! Time for some fun learning. This is M&aring;ns :)
his name is bunbuns
Ha my phone changed the name he's called ollie
Ha my phone changed the name he's called ollie
My little 6 month boy oldie gets most of them and he's getting quite good !!!!!!!
<p>I'm gonna teach my rabbit these! This is my rabbit:</p>
<p>my bunny misty loves to do these tricks</p>
<p>those are great tricks I have tought my bunny how to do them </p>
<p>Nice Very Helpful tricks and easy to learn i want to start their my rabbit Jasper and Cuddles at weekends.</p>
My rabbit
My rabbit is VERY stupid, but I am trying to teach him how to use a leash! Great Instructable, this will come in use when teaching my rabbit, Mac!
NIce video! I like this post as well :-)
My bunny (Jam) will enjoy this. She loves games
Excellent information! The video's great.
I am blinded by the adorableness of your bunny. Awwwwwwww.
Awe this is great! My bunny (Max) loves to ham it up! I am an amateur magician and have taught him a few little things in order to use him in magic tricks, but I would love to teach him to some new things, great 'able!

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