Step 2: Begin training

Start by using a combination of lead-with-treat, gesture and verbal. Use a strong tone of voice, but not shouting. Lead-with-treat and gesture can be combined in one hand movement for now. If you need to physically push your bun, you probably need a better treat ;)

I like to begin each trick by calling my rabbit's name, positioning him in front of me by leading-with-treat, and then issuing the command + prompts.

Each time your rabbit completes the trick, click the clicker and give him a treat with a lot of verbal praise. If your bun doesn't, firmly say No and start again.

As your bunny understands what to do, gradually remove the prompts at the bottom of the hierarchy. Use a gesture, but don't have the treat in hand. Then minimize the gestural prompt further and further until a single word is all that's needed!
This really works, but the clicker can be replaced with gentle strokes on the head. My rabbit knows: come here, leave the cage, return to the cage, walk on 2 legs, hop on 2 legs, stand upright, get into running position, sit down, jump here, eat that and hide.
Buns are SO smart...give them attention and you will see!
<p>what breed of rabbit is this.</p>
Our rabbit could walk all the way to our house from our store without guidance. Its not a joke https://youtu.be/2utN3QFbkys
This is Sugar and alby, Sugar is 2 and white, brown and black spots, and idk Alby's age I found him and no one claimed him.
Both of them have been &quot;fixed&quot;.
Thanks! Time for some fun learning. This is M&aring;ns :)
his name is bunbuns
Ha my phone changed the name he's called ollie
Ha my phone changed the name he's called ollie
My little 6 month boy oldie gets most of them and he's getting quite good !!!!!!!
<p>I'm gonna teach my rabbit these! This is my rabbit:</p>
<p>my bunny misty loves to do these tricks</p>
<p>those are great tricks I have tought my bunny how to do them </p>
<p>Nice Very Helpful tricks and easy to learn i want to start their my rabbit Jasper and Cuddles at weekends.</p>
My rabbit
My rabbit is VERY stupid, but I am trying to teach him how to use a leash! Great Instructable, this will come in use when teaching my rabbit, Mac!
NIce video! I like this post as well :-)
My bunny (Jam) will enjoy this. She loves games
Excellent information! The video's great.
I am blinded by the adorableness of your bunny. Awwwwwwww.
Awe this is great! My bunny (Max) loves to ham it up! I am an amateur magician and have taught him a few little things in order to use him in magic tricks, but I would love to teach him to some new things, great 'able!

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