Picture of How to covince/bribe your kid to take a pill.
I have allergies and needed to take Zirtech. I had no idea how to take a pill and so my mom and I tried many methods. I can take pills now and my doc doesnt think i'm a baby anymore! hope you like my instructable!
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Step 1: Method 1

Picture of Method 1
The way my mom learned was practicing with increasingly larger pieces of balled-up bread sized from a couple grains of sand to a full sized pill.

Step 2: Method 2

Picture of Method 2
The next method I had heard but not tested. Offer a reward like a toy or $1. This usually does it. They want the toy more than they don't want to take the pill.

Step 3: Method 3

Picture of Method 3
Tell them to fill their mouth with a drink (soda etc.) Then tell them to put in a pill and then gulp it down. This won the war for me.