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We've all come across this problem... You spend time with your *best mate of the opposite sex* and then you fall in love :P.. so sweet

Well telling her is actually quite easy.. Yes it is more easier said then done but with these simple tips your sure to catch a big one...

Step 1: Where your at with this girl/boy

Picture of Where your at with this girl/boy
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Ok well the most obvious question is when u flirt does he/she flirt back with u?

If so its easy.. if they dont not so easy..

Now i know this instructable is about *how to tell a friend u like them* but the relationship and feeling must be strong in order for this to work

Body language: the main conversation tool is body language.. More of the conversation is through your body than your verbal communication... So be very conscious of the way each body position is posed.. Im not telling u to be worried about your body language because that looks funny :P

Ok so when your around this person you must use open and relaxed stances and expressions.

A nice calm face as the one shown below will prove to be worth while... Note the next few pictures
Palms slightly faceing outwards provide a more safer and open feeling then the crossed arms pictured afterwards.

Here are a few body language links
http://www.deltabravo.net/custody/body.php - table of some of the bod language signs
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_language - explanation of body language
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ShantelC1 month ago
Bopper3332 months ago
Ive asked my ex girlfriend to go out for the day as friends and she as agreed to.Yes I still like her and coz shes agreed im now wondering wether the feelings mutual.I havent seen her or contacted her in over 10 months

Does your best friend know you like him? If so, you shouldn't be friends with her. A true friend would never do that. Also, you should just politely ask him if he likes you. It won't be too hard.

AaliyahWells4 months ago
I've liked this guy for three years but he hates me, I never did anything wrong except just being myself. Now whenever he sees me he calls me a dog and makes fun of me. Every time I ask him what I did he ignores me, and he says stuff about me all the time. I've tried to get over him, but we had this activity in school and he's in my form, so I had to spend all day with him in my group/class. He spoke to me a little, but he just kept saying nasty stuff to me. I've been with other guys, to try and help me get over him it worked with one guy, who I've just recently gotten over. So now I like the same boy for three years still, I've asked my friends what I should do. But they just say get over him, but it's not that simple... Please can someone give me advice....? What can I do?
1 of 2 things is happening (from personal experience same thing except girl ) he just doesn't like you /your attitude personality ect . Or he likes you and he is shy so he is acting like he hates you so it's not obvious
Helperkid12343 months ago
I like a guy but my friend also likes him what do I do pleas help
If u have the guts to ask him first if he likes you and tell him you like him if you. Don't worry about our fried if she is a good friend she won't be really bothered she might be even happy for you
Helperkid12343 months ago
And I fell like he is changing a lot I'm mean lol he is changing for me...dose he like me
Helperkid12343 months ago
And I fell like he is changing a lot I'm mean lol he is changing for me...dose he like me
Copkid4 months ago
I have a crush on my best friends ex-girlfriend. Now that's she is single I'm thinking of asking her out. I'm just scared that I may upset my friend since they only broke up last month. What should I do
Hi me and my friend that is a female are currently in our teens I don't think that she thinks I like her and the same with me the other day she asked me if I l like someone at school I said I used and she is pretty good Friends with her but that was obviously a past relationship but later she became a drama queen
I met her through my mum since her mum and mine at friends whilst they met each other through school anyway I try to keep I touch with Her I think she likes me any the reasons for that when ever we meet up I go and by my self and she follows how do I know for sure
smitha25 months ago
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Lovergirly3 years ago
I have a guy friend who I really really like but he teases me and messes with me I can't tell if he likes me or not.also every time I ask him who he like he says I'm not telling u. He has me confused .help?

oh then he really likes u most of the time when a guy teases a girl he is trying to get ur attention but i should not know i am single but i keep hope i like this guy but he has a gf which is my best friend i dont know what to do if i flirt then she will hate me so confused

we usually say that when we like you but are just as afraid as you to day it... next time you ask keep pressing playfully for an answer and sit really close to him and if you find a way to hold his hand to " look at it " go for it.
darthrekker7 months ago
A couple of years ago, I started to like one of my BEST friends. I told ONE person. Another one of my friends(one who is NEVER TO BE TRUSTED WITH ANYTHING WHATSOEVER!!! In this comment i am gonna call him "Trouble-Maker") overheard me talking to said person, and promised to keep it a secret.Fast-forwarding to lunchtime a few days later... We had our little group of friends and my crush sat right across the table from me. Trouble-maker, who usually sat right beside me, was going to throw his tray away. Well we had been talking about crushes that day for some reason, and not wanting to potentially ( and successfully ) ruin our friendship, i lied and said i didnt have a crush. Trouble-maker, wanting to do what he does best, and ruin my life completely. He says oh thats not true and goes and on his way to the garbage can, whispers it in trouble-maker #2's ear. Of course he told EVERYONE and i sat somewhere else for the next few days. The worst part was, the dance was (i kid you not) IN THREE DAYS!!! I was on-the-fence about asking her, and i had already pretty much decided not to do it this time. But since THAT happened, i pretty much was expected to do so. So i finally the day of the dance, decided to ask. ( i am a huge procrastinator. But then again, when was i supposed to do it?) I tried to ask her if i could talk for a second, but she was talking to a friend. ( who btw was one of the ppl who wanted me to ask her.) She tried to tell my crush to TALK TO ME! But she said lemme finish talking and i will talk to you. (BTW this was on the way to class.) I waited respectfully and waited for a pause, signaling the end of the conversation. I asked if she was done. ( we were just around the corner from class.) And she said she wasnt done and started talking again. This happened in the morning, and at the end of the school day. I think she was just scared to tell me no because it was weird. So from then until a year and a half later, i completely avoided her. Then, ( weirdly enough) she started wanting to talk to me little by little. Now i can pretty much say that we are back almost to how it was before. Not quite, but almost. I want to try to ask her to be my girlfriend, but THAT ABSOLUTE LAST THING I want to do is ruin our friendship. It took me 2 YEARS to build it back up again, but I still like her a lot! How do i go about approaching this? She is constantly around her friends, she is a lot like me. She hates physical activity, She hates PE ( I call it Pointless Exercise class ) and that is when we have most of our conversation, I think she could possibly like me, but i know she has in the past. I Dont know what to do so ANY help would be appreciated. She is an incredible friend and i dont want to lose her as a friend, but i just dont see any ways to approach this situation. 2 years ago i used to be happier, but Trouble-Maker made everyone hate me, and make fun of me, and make me have to avoid her. I dont want that to happen! I want to go to her directly but i kind of want to do it slowly. I kind of think it would be better bcos she doesnt seem to like situations like this going too fast. I dont wanna go and just blatently ask her if possible. Any help would mean the world to me! I just want this to go smoothly! The last time i had a girlfriend was in the 3rd grade, so i really cant say i have experience with this kind of stuff. Thank you so much for reading this, and if you are willing enough, helping!

this is my opinion, but it doesnt sound like she's ready to be in a relationship with her best friend. but you cans till make it happen. drop subtle hints and ask her out to social gatherings with just the two of you, but make sure people are going to be there so she doesnt feel weird. dont directly ask her on a date...but be open and say that you can accompany her to dances or parties if she doesnt have a partner.

most of all, its patience. you just have to wait. i have a best guy friend and ive fallen for him too, and while im sure he likes me, hes not ready to admit it. some people are like that. they need time to adapt to a different situation so you should try your best to make her comfortable with the notion of being in a relationship with you.

Btw i had to make a new acct. So thwts why i have a new username. Its hard to type eith one hand. Im hiding my phone woth a book im having to hild up. Lol
darthrekker26 months ago
Ok thank you for replying! I didnt think anyone would.funny thing is im in pe right now.coaches let us sit out and our group is just hiding our phones. Lol. Thanks for the advice. As everyone else is, im new to this kind of stuff so yeah... Help appreciated
Abraham218 months ago
We'll I fell in love with my best friend. She doesn't now I like her. I want to now if she feel the same way. Erytime your close to your friend and she like someone else you help her get dress for her date but inside your feeling that feeling you get saying that guy should be me. She should be getting dress for him. But in the end your like I don't want our friendship to end just because I like her. Loving someone you don't now if they like you or not is hard. ;(
jamie899 months ago

I like a guy who is my best friend, but I don't know if he feels the same way I do. Day before yesterday, I had send him a message asking him that what if I like him more than a friend? what will be his reaction?" ...he replied back saying, "Ahmmm...I don' know"...what do you think he meant by that? Is he confused? or he doesn't want to say anything as it may hurt me(if it is a negative response)?

LoomSisters9 months ago
Um I like this guy but he's part of the popular crowd. He went out with my best friend for a year and I hated them both. I was best friends with him but now we are in secondary school and we have drifted apart. I'm so confused though because his friend came up to me and said:
Matt (his friend):Are you single?
Me: No, why?
Matt: Oh it's just Will (my crush) wants to go out with you.
I was freaked out and Matt walked off. I didn't whether they were being sarcastic though. What should I do? :(
neipkatt4 years ago
i really like this guy but idk if he likes me back all of my friends say that he dose like me but im just worried that if i tell him that i like him and he dont like me then it will be weird to talk to him
but i dont no what love feels like but when im around him my tummy turns upside down and when im not around him i cant stop thinking about him is this love??
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes that is a serious side effect caused by love... try to notice the little thinks. if he likes you and I mean truly likes you, he will be just as scared as you are and he will drop very small hints to see if you pick up on them.

say you're both in school and hes done with his work but you're not and he waits for you?!?!

if you talk to another guy in front of him that is not his friend and he gets quiet or finds a dumb excuse to leave like I gotta go water my plants?!?!

ive done that in the past.. and its nice when a girl makes it obvious that you are more important than the other guys by ignoring guys that hit on you
It's either that or it is INFATUATION
u r in love... just say that u love him... if it is a negative return well just live with it... what i mean to say is forget about him.. find a new guy.... . bu if u really love him, then try to make him a bit jealous... wear make up.. wear prettier stuff... i did that and i have a date... so try Ur best and, u'll do great <3 <3 <3 :)
(Sorry for the english, Im Latvian..)
So.... I have this friend that I know over 10 years, but I havent seen him for 1-2 years and we started to rarely talk. Last year I started to really like him.. But I know that he will not like me, because Im not like the other girls....And we had a little fight..well i think it was a fight....
He only thinks of me as a friend....So i geave him a message that told him we have to go our separate ways. He shocked me with his reply! I read the message over and over but still I didnt believe him, but my heart told me otherwise... I just started to cry! I gave him / us another chance. I know that Im hurting myself with this... but I cant let him go... I tried to let go, but he didnt want to let go! Please help me! What can I say to him (maybe he has a girlfriend) that wouldnt be awkward latter? And maybe how can I get over him?
it sound like you're both confused.. what was the fight about?, some times its just a way to get your attention
rokker783 years ago
I like this girl in my school and we are great friends but mainly text and Facebook eachother and she just broke up with her boyfriend and she only likes me as a friend and what should I do to get her to go out with me?
ClemensY2906 years ago
ok this will be a hard one for you im guessing ok how do you find out if a girl is single, without asking anyone or any of her friends and without checking the status on myspace theres this girl, we talk alot, she had a boyfriend like 6 months ago, but now i dont think she does but im not sure
well don't i am a girl from experience.. a boy tried to stalk me and i didn't like it.. just text her or ask her politely like "hey .. i was wondering.. r u still going out with _______________?"SHE WILL only think that ur curious or wanting to date her but stil.. it's worth the while . she might be single.. if she says she is single .. then bring her flowers candies chocolate.. she might think it's cute and date u !! i hope that's better than stalking .. :) goodluck! <3 <3 :P
I think the only option you've left yourself is stalking her.
or asking her. but stalking always works!
"without asking anyone"
79robbie973 years ago
Hey, I really like this girl, i liked her once befor then we became friends and i tried to convince myself that were only friends. Ive knowen her since i was 4, and were great friends. and now i like her again. but i dont want to tell her how i feel because if she doesnt like me back then im afrid we wont be friends. Can i have so help?
XbeerrootX3 years ago
Okay so i really really like my female best friend and i wanna tell her how i feel but idk. I met her two years ago and i started to like her a bit, but she had a bf already so i backed of and stayed a friend. Her and her bf broke a while back and my feelings for her came back, but i kept them at bay by telling myself she is just a friend, but over the last couple months the feelings came back much stronger than ever. Over the last year we have become really close and talk to eachother everyday on the phone and always go to eachother for advice. I wanna tell this girl how i feel about her, but im not sure if thatz the best choice or not HELP D:
You should definitely tell this girl she might be feeling the same way! If she is your best friend there is a reason for that. She might be feeling the same way about you! Next time you have a chance tell her it will only make your relationship stronger. Relationships are more fulfilling when they grow out of a friendship! good luck let us know what happens
neipkatt4 years ago
im not good enough to ever get the guy i want....
life sucks
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