How to tell if the grenade your holding is a "black" smoke grenade (as the armorer said) or a Naval percussion grenade (what it was).

Step 1: Step 1.

step 1. look for the words "TNT" on the side of the grenade
if the words are there, then don't try to use the grenade as a a means of concealing movement because it will explode and not produce much smoke.

So someone pulled the pin and dident throw the grenade that is the first rule pull a pin throw it.<br />
<p>You should throw away the pin,as only the grenade is of any use!!</p>
this is an instructable on how to say GREEN SMOKE in chinese..................................@#$% &amp;&amp;&amp; ^%*()%^ or there abouts in any case.
<p>and this is LOL- #$#</p>
<p>I was thinking that was a Air force guy to...lol ...They do love there purple</p>
also, it might have been cool if you added different countrys grenades, cause in different places they can look Wayy different! (like germany, russia, etc)
germany? russia? where the hell are they ? ive also heard some aliens have landed recently........i think there from the planet china. <br>seriously dudes ive been in a war in africa and the whole place was and probably still is swarming with east german,russian and especially chinese weapons.
The bottom of a smoke screen grenade has 4 holes. I popped a smoke screen grenade in downtown Springfield, KY in 1985. Everybody knew I was home on leave.....it never even made the local paper. Today, the same stunt would land me in prison. Semper Fidelis
Where's Smitty?
what about other types of gernades? like the CS gernade (my favorite) the M67 incendary gernade WP also if your around a green colored smoke gernade and it starts a grass fire, dont kick the gernade until after it stops smoking, or you end up with permently green boots
Grenade not gernade. I hate it when people say "gernade"
Me 2 It annoys the hell outa me.
as you were "grenade" i still remember the grenade range and SGT Ahol. Hurry... UP! and Quickly-er.
WP is light green and shaped differently, M67 is the ball shaped frag, incendiaries typically are red or have a red stripe.
Oorah Marine Corps! Don't worry, NCO's know everything. [/sarcasm] I can't even begin to count the number of times our NCO's and SNCO's have gotten HMMWV's and MTVR's stuck with the lines "I know how to do this" coming out of their mouths.
<em>Threw the pin and dropped the grenade.</em><br/>
What kind is it that the corner shops sell? =) <br/>
smoke bombs, these are military grade grenades donated by the Navy in exchange for taking ten sailors to the field for training.
Freakin' awesome! Glad to hear no one got hurt though. Ooh-rah!
theres also plasma grenades in halo. hahaha

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