Introduction: How to Tell If a Dollar Bill Is Real or Fake

In this instructable, I will show you how to tell if a dollar bill is real or fake, using household materials.

Step 1: You Will Need...

You will need:
A dollar bill

Step 2: Folding

Fold the left side of the dollar bill about 1/4 the way in. Unfold to a 130 degree angle.

Step 3: The Magnets

Slowly bring the magnets close to the 1 in the top left corner.
If the dollar bill moves toward the magnets, the bill is real.

Step 4: How Does It Work?

The dollar bill has magnetic ink which is attracted to the magnets. This is done to prevent counterfeit bills.


Frozen123 (author)2017-04-08

is really helped me. I was doing this survey and if you do the whole thing your get two dollars and I thought they were fake so I did this and they were rreall

CordarylJ (author)2016-10-27

but i still need help because someone gave me a dollar and i think it still fake and i dont have a dollar magnets

RMP2003 (author)2015-08-12

That is so cool!

chuckr44 (author)2010-02-10

I'm in the US. I got a counterfeit $5 bill from Taco Bell as change. It looked like it was made as a joke by a kid with an inkjet printer, but it sure fooled the Taco Bell employees.

woody558 (author)chuckr442010-02-11

How do you know it is fake?

mr.incredible (author)2010-01-01

 MICR has been around for about 30 years. Lemonie is right, why bother. The dollar is probably only worth $.15. The paper it's made from is worth more.

J@50n (author)mr.incredible2010-01-02

 its actually not made from paper. its a blend of cotton and linen.

nnygamer (author)2010-01-01

But bleaching a $1 and printing a higher denomination on the blank would fool the magnetic test.

lemonie (author)nnygamer2010-01-01

You can't bleach magnetic materials to white and have them retain magnetic properties.


lemonie (author)2010-01-01

Surely no one bothers counterfeiting 1$ bills?
Would you consider asking shop staff to wait while you got your magnet out and tested your change...?


smessud (author)2010-01-01

Do you know if the use of magnetic ink is recent?
Would that test work on bills emitted some 20 years ago?

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