Picture of How to tell if a Dollar Bill is Real or Fake
In this instructable, I will show you how to tell if a dollar bill is real or fake, using household materials.
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Step 1: You will Need...

Picture of You will Need...
You will need:
A dollar bill

Step 2: Folding

Picture of Folding
dollar bill real or fake pics and vid 003.jpg
Fold the left side of the dollar bill about 1/4 the way in. Unfold to a 130 degree angle.

Step 3: The Magnets

Picture of The Magnets
Slowly bring the magnets close to the 1 in the top left corner.
If the dollar bill moves toward the magnets, the bill is real.

Step 4: How does it work?

Picture of How does it work?
The dollar bill has magnetic ink which is attracted to the magnets. This is done to prevent counterfeit bills.