This is obviously gonna be a short instructable, but I wanted to make one because I have had an account on here for a while and havn't made any yet, sooo... yeah.

Step 1: How to find out

On their left hand, the thumb will be backwards. I see ebay items all the time titled "GI Joe?" so I thought this could be an easy first instructable. So all you have to do is take a look at THE ACTION FIGURE'Sleft hand. Not the hand on your left. If it has a backwards thumb, then it's most likely an authentic GI Joe.
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Coooool. Never knew that.
Who knew Joe had this birth defect! Obviously, Joe Senior spent too much time with his Radiation Detection Set back in the 1970s... Great idea for a quick Instructable!
Good 'ible. I'd like to see more 'ibles about authenticating antique items. I did notice that the thumb curvature and shape appears correct, but it's the actual thumbnail that is on bass ackwards.
LOL! My bad! Thanks for the comment! :)

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