Picture of How to tell if your 12 inch GI Joe is authentic or fake
This is obviously gonna be a short instructable, but I wanted to make one because I have had an account on here for a while and havn't made any yet, sooo... yeah.

Step 1: How to find out

Picture of How to find out
On their left hand, the thumb will be backwards. I see ebay items all the time titled "GI Joe?" so I thought this could be an easy first instructable. So all you have to do is take a look at THE ACTION FIGURE'Sleft hand. Not the hand on your left. If it has a backwards thumb, then it's most likely an authentic GI Joe.
Cthulu4 years ago
Coooool. Never knew that.
Denger5 years ago
Who knew Joe had this birth defect! Obviously, Joe Senior spent too much time with his Radiation Detection Set back in the 1970s... Great idea for a quick Instructable!
chuckr446 years ago
Good 'ible. I'd like to see more 'ibles about authenticating antique items. I did notice that the thumb curvature and shape appears correct, but it's the actual thumbnail that is on bass ackwards.
silverballer95 (author)  chuckr446 years ago
LOL! My bad! Thanks for the comment! :)