Introduction: How to Temporarily Change a Webpage Within the Web Browser Google Chrome

This instructable will show you how to temporarily change a webpage using the web browser Chrome.
All you need is the Google Chrome web browser, and a computer.

Step 1: Open a Webpage

Open the Google Chrome web browser and open any webpage you want.(I will be using the Google homepage)

Step 2: Inspect Element

Once you have your webpage up on your computer, right click on your mouse and select "Inspect Element"

Step 3: Editing the Webpage

When you select "Inspect Element" you should see a element window pop up on the bottom of your screen.As you highlight over the elements of the webpage, notice how certain parts of the display highlight. Once you find what you want to change, right click on your mouse and select edit text or edit as HTML.Now you can type in whatever you would like. Have fun!


ZetronG made it!(author)2016-05-15

how can i save this for my use so when i reload the page its still their but not for anyone else to see it?

John-K made it!(author)2014-11-25

or just simply use some extension like

PERCEN made it!(author)2015-08-17

Not the same thing.

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