You got a pimpil? Is it school picture day? Job interveiw? Hangin' out with friends  or boyfriend / girlfriend? Then this instructable is for you :).  I didn't come up with this idea. But I'll tell your who did! She's from youtube and her user name is allthatglitters21. I used this technique and it works! So i thought I would share it with you. It's really fast and easy to do! It also helps get redness out of healing pimpil's temporarily.

Step 1: What you need!

All you need is the following!

1. A pimple
2. Eye drops for red eyes. ( blood shot eyes. from say crying )
3. Kleenex/ toilet paper.
Cool, man. I'm gonna try it next time I have a pimple (let's pray not soon!) and then tell ya :D

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