How to Test Circuit on Pc





Introduction: How to Test Circuit on Pc

Hi guys and girls.Today I will show you how you can test your eletronic circuit that you want to make.You can do that on on your pc.It is usefull if you want to produce something and see how will it preform.You can measure freq,amps,voltage...Lets get started.

Step 1: Download and Install Eletronics Workbench

Go to this webpage and download Eletronics Workbench software and install it

Software is free but they droped out official support for this software.we use it in school,must be legal.

Step 2: Open EWB

Open up EWB.In next few steps i will show you basic funcions of EWB.

Step 3: Adding Components

You add components by clicking on upper toolbar and selecting components.Simply drag and drop components.You connect them by clicking and holding on their ends.Rotate component by clicking CTRL+R.

Step 4: Changing Component Properties

You can change properties of every component that you added.Just duble click on on component and edit.You can change voltage,resistance...

Step 5: Run the Circuit

You run the circuit by clicking on button in right upper corner.You now can see mesurments,make changes,even use oscilocope,but it is (for me) hard to configure.There is almost no settings on him so it is hard to see full sine wave 50/60hz.Hope you liked this tut.Comment if you have any sugestions.



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    Software is pirated/cracked

    Software is free but they droped out official support for this software.we use it in school,must be legal.

    The .rar-file contains an .nfo document saying "Releasing without Permission

    [...] Cracker: Blastsoft [...] Protection: Serial CD Check Dongle"

    Just because an online storage site like ziddu doesn't charge you for the download does not automatically make it free software.

    If you use it in school, your school probably has paid for it.

    Anyway, you are linking to software advertised as cracked.

    Electronic Workbench is owned (and still supported) by by National Instruments, i don't think that they just give their software away.