he does <br>
How bout you put your darn phone away and do work? Sorry, but I have a point.
But wont it look funny if you're poking at a book and staying at the same page? Just keep it under your desk or do what you should do, and pay attention in class? Also.... don't cut with a box cutter toward you... it's dangerous.
What are u, my mom?
i kno huh<br />
shes sayin good advice atleast read and dont be so critical
some of our teachers are old, so they dont see us.
good job but if you have a slim line phone just hide in in ur calculator so in math it seems like you are doing ur work
good idea, you should do an istructables on it.
dude i allready posted this <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/txt-in-school/">here</a> in november 2007<br/>

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