How to Text on a Dsi, 3ds, or Dsi Xl!





Introduction: How to Text on a Dsi, 3ds, or Dsi Xl!

What you will need...
1.Dsi, dsi xl, or 3ds.
2. internet connection
3. Internet access to get to

Step one, Get on your browser. Go to google and search text now. (

Step 1: Step Two, Register for a Account.

Go to text now, and register and find out your phone number. Its on the left of the screen.

Step 2: Have Fun Texting Friends!

Show friends how to get a number and text them whenever you have wifi! :) have fun!    
Tips: you have a number now, so you can text people who even have real phones!



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    That's cool! I was wondering how I could talk to my friends on my Dsi! (Other then pitchochat!)

    you have to get a r4 sd card and put home brew on put Internet and it works:?)

    Does it cost any money? Or is it free 'cause it's through wifi?

    1 reply

    Wait, just checked it out. :( terrible, it costs money. You could just use something like facebook chat to "text" for free.

    yah it rones out of memery