Picture of How to the iPhone Jacket
I made the iPhone Jacket.
Because it is the iPhone Jacket which is very simple made, I can easily make it!!
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Step 1: Cut Leather along a Template

Picture of Cut Leather along a Template
I cut leather along a template.
When I cut the part of the curve, I cut to turn a template.
I can easily cut the one!!

Step 2: Prepare two Pieces of Leather

Picture of Prepare two Pieces of Leather
I prepare the surface and leather for the back side.
These two pieces of leather is the same.

Step 3: Draw a Line

Picture of Draw a Line
I mark a part to sew with a thread.

Step 4: Make Holes in the Leather

Picture of Make Holes in the Leather
I hit the head of the fork with the use of wooden hammer and I make holes in the leather.

Step 5: Sew it with a Thread

Picture of Sew it with a Thread
I sew it with a thread. I use the thread which I pulled with solder.

Step 6: Sharpen the Corner

Picture of Sharpen the Corner
I sharpen the corner of the edge.
Finally I polish the edge.

Step 7: Completion!!

Picture of Completion!!

Step 8:

I shot the video of the these steps!!
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where do you get your leather from?

ishiyasu (author)  TheAbandonedWarlord1 year ago

I get leather in a shop called "and leather". There is this shop in the town called Nippori of Japan. http://www14.plala.or.jp/kutuya/shoppage/nippori.html

great! is wondering where to find that in Japan!
ishiyasu (author)  kurisutofu9 months ago

Thank you!! I'm glad!! ;)


pixel51 year ago

great instructable! do you think it will be possible to make a case out of it rather than a holder?

ishiyasu (author)  pixel51 year ago

Thank you for the comment! Yes, I do. I do my best work!

thanks! if you could post an instructable to help I would be greatful!

Very pretty...!

ishiyasu (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thank you for the comment. I am glad that you say!

sunshiine1 year ago

Thanks for the inspiration! Have a safe and happy spring.


ishiyasu (author)  sunshiine1 year ago

A cherry tree blooms soon in Japan!! I look forward to flower viewing. Thank you!

Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.


Mielameri1 year ago
Yay! Another leather working one...pretty straightforward and the finished product looks really slick. Thanks!
ishiyasu (author)  Mielameri1 year ago

Thank you for comment! I want to make it in various ways from now on!