How to Throw a Kunai Knife or a Throwing Star





Introduction: How to Throw a Kunai Knife or a Throwing Star

in this instructible i will show you how to throw a kunai knife three different ways and how to throw a throwing star. btw this is my first instructible so dont pound on me too hard

Step 1: Get a Knife or Star

I used this instuctible to get the knife i used and this instructible to get the star i used

Step 2: Throwing the Kunai

lets see how to throw it...
throw #1 spinning: this one is pretty self-explanitory
hold the kunai and put it in the spot you feel most comfortable throwing it (for me it is over my shoulder) and throw it so that you let go when your arm is at a 45 degree angle and follow through.
throw #2 the drill: get your kunai to spin like a drill
set up so that your hand is at your thigh and bring it up and forward, it should spin like crazy
throw #3 the straight throw: this is how the real ninjas throw this stuff
you set it up the same as in #1 only this time you let go at a 90 degree angle and you don't follow through.

Step 3: How to Throw a Throwing Star

This is how you throw a throwing star.
step1 you take the throwing star and hold it a little away from your body
step 2 now curl your hand in like your trying to touch your forearm with your hand
step 3 now spin it

Step 4:

now that you have that down go kill your siblings p.s. watch out for rabid guinea pigs



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    45 degree upward angle from being parallel with the ground -_-

    usually I was taught to throw in a similar technique to darts, except with spin

    Ninja could use anything as a weapon, including a tool, and anything as a tool, including a weapon. They were very resourceful (do YOU watch Naruto?)

    The ending was harsh.. Siblings didn't do anything to him.... By the way man, you were throwing it like a frisby. WRONG written all over it!

    Sorry man, but your shuriken throwing method is inaccurate. If your throwing a frisby, then that would work. I can't say anything about the kunai, I haven't studied that very much.

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    He was throwing he's shuriken like a frisby -_-

    the way you throw a shuriken is by holding it like your shooting a gun (theres other methods, but i like this one) and then you throw it. when you hold it like a frisky, it tends to loop and spiral. it also doesn't go very far when you throw it like a frisby.

    Guinea pigs be like:
    "Darn it! he gave us away!"

    Umm. OK. So can i have an English-to-zipnace translation? E-mail meh at plz...

    DON'T SPAM ME all you trollers. Or i will FIND you, and TROLL you.

    The throwing method you use for the shuriken is accurate, but kunai were thrown like a knife, with a gentle "brushing" from the index finger, so that it flew point up until just before impact when it turned to horizontal. Other than that, great job! I love Ziggy. See my 'pigs below.

    guineas 3.bmp

    I love Ziggy!