Introduction: How to Throw a Football ?

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My name is Malcolm and today i will teach you how to throw a football in 10 simple steps

Step 1: Grip the Football

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A). Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the ball, and above the laces.

B). Place middle finger off the top of the white laces.

C). Place your ring finger between the second and third laces

D). Place your pinky finger between fourth and fifth laces from the back.

E). Wrap your thumb around the ball

Step 2: Hold Ball With Two Hands

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A). Keep our throwing hand on the laces

B). Use the non throwing hand to help hold the ball

C). Pick the ball up to chest level

Step 3: Stance

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A). Set both feet shoulder width apart

B). Face the target with non-throwing shoulder towards the target.

C). Raise ball to neck level and have the laces face away from your body

D). Maintain a firm grip of the ball

Step 4: Beginning of Throw

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A). Raise the ball to your ear level

B). Bend your knees slightly

C). Slightly hunch your back

D). Continue holding football with both hands

E). Take approximately 2 steps back, while maintaining the current sideways stance

Step 5: The Throw

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A). Take the non throwing hand off of the ball

B)., Lift the ball behind your head

C). Drop non-throwing hand from ball to chest level.

Step 6: Footwork

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A). Plant dominant foot after backing up 2 steps

B). Take one step forward with non dominant foot

C). Then plant left foot upon the release and lift dominant foot

Step 7: The Release

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A). While throwing arm is In forward motion, raise ball above head.

B). Release throwing arm into forward motion.

Step 8: Finger Roll

A). Use the laces to roll your fingers off and create a spin on the ball

Step 9: Its All About the Follow Through

Picture of Its All About the Follow Through

A). Follow through

B). Lift back heel of throwing hand, foot (right handed passers lift their right heels)

Step 10: Put It All Together

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A). Put it all together in one smooth motion

B). You now know how to throw a football


craftingmaniac (author)2015-02-07

Good Job

bginlalaland (author)2014-09-18

Nice job Malcolm!

biochemtronics (author)2014-09-13

Now this is a great instructable; an example for all of us to follow. Even a sports challenged old man like me can learn to throw a football with instructions this clear. Why did my gym coaches never show me this? I am going to practice some more and really impress my grandsons. Thank you Malcolm for taking the time to share this. I will be looking for more great things from you. I hope you will consider a career in education. You are a natural.

pantalone (author)2014-09-13

Good job. Very clear, step-by-step, with good pictures. Thanks!

joevans (author)2014-09-12

I'll show this to my son ! Thanks

Flash67 (author)2014-09-12

Nice! That's how i always throw a football too! Though in the really high leagues (NFL, CHL) they throw by putting their pinky on the first lace and their ring finger (I believe that's why it's called) on the third lace so leaving one lace in between. But all in all nice instructable

aebellaran (author)2014-09-12


headbonger (author)2014-09-12

This is great. The picture are awesome!

tawnydog (author)2014-09-12

Nice 'ible!

seamster (author)2014-09-12

Very nicely done! Great photos, good demonstration of technique.

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