Thirty seconds to tie a very useful knot!
I work as an Entertainment Arena Rigger, theatrical technician, and am an IRATA certified high angle technician, so I do know a little about rope and knots. <br><br> Cheers keep up the good work!
Sorry Marsh, I have to correct you here. What you have shown is what we call an outside Bowline, which although similar in use and function, has a dangerous propensity to untie itself when encountering obstructions or rolling over an edge.<br> In addition your tail (rabbit) is too short, rule of thumb is 8 lays (thicknesses) of rope minimum for a tail, that gives a saftey factor for rope stretch and stiff rope. <br><br> If you tied my rope like that at work you get hollered at and would be buying beer afterwards thats for sure!! lol.<br><br> The rabbit comes out of the hole, around the tree, and back into the hole. <br><br> Your rabbit came out of the hole around the tree and ran off to points unknown! lol. <br><br> Great instructable, do it again with the proper bowline please!
To be perfectly correct, that is *not* a bowline knot. The short end that exits the knot must do so inside the loop. The left-hand bowline knot that you have shown is rated as &quot;distincly inferior&quot; to the bowline in The Ashley Book of Knots (Faber &amp; Faber Ltd).
Inferior...in appearance? Functionally, they are exactly the same.
Short answer: No and no.<br>Long answer: Visit a library and take a look at the book I mentioned. (See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashley_Book_of_Knots )
its a knot, ok? it works good

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