Step 6: Other ways

There are many other ways to tie and uses for a Shemagh.

A few examples:

  • Dust Protection. Cover your face on motorcycles, truck beds, and tops of chicken buses.
  • Sun Protection. Great for when you’re stranded in mid-day heat without shade nearby.
  • Towel. Small, lightweight, fast drying, but thick enough get the job done. Perfect for the beach.
  • Warmth. Wrap it around your neck as a scarf on the top of a mountain.
  • Bag. Lay it out, put stuff in middle, tie four corners together. Instant hobo sack.
  • Sarong. While shorter than a normal one, it can still be wrapped around your waist.
  • Sweat Rag. Great for hiking, running, or other sweat-inducing activities.
  • Arm Sling. Sprain a wrist or break an arm? Perfect for temporary immobilization.
  • Emergency Bandage. Help stop bleeding and protect the wound until you get to a hospital.
  • Pillow. Thick & soft enough to ball up and sleep with on bus rides or camping trips.
  • Weapon. Twist a big rock up in the middle, and you have an instant self-defense tool!
  • Concealment. Often used to hide my Canon 7D camera when in questionable neighborhoods.
  • Rope. Long enough to be rolled up to tie things together.
  • Water Filter. Fold up multiple times and filter debris out of water before boiling.
  • Keeping Cool. Soak in cold water and wrap around your neck.
  • Signal Flag. Large enough to wave and get someone’s attention.
  • Blanket. Good for covering your upper or lower body..
  • Pot Holder. Take that boiling water you just filtered off the fire.
  • Eye Mask. Sleep during the day or in a hostel when lights are on.
<p>Hell yeah! No face sunburns now!</p>
<p>very nice, i would also say to put on the added uses that it can be used for paintball, that's what i use it for. Thanks :)</p>
Thanks for this post.
<p>i like to play airsoft with my shemagh and i am pretty camoed</p>
Unless you are Creek from Willow Haven Outdoors, you should give credit where credit is due.
Good point, thanks. Updated
<p>I think you meant to give credit to <a href="http://willowhavenoutdoor.com" rel="nofollow">Willow Haven Outdoor</a>. And thank you for for the instructions. Very helpful.</p>
Thanks. i did: Introduction, second paragraph.
What are the best dimensions?
The smaller ones are harder to tie, especially if you have a big head like me :)
<p>try folding a smaller one off-center, so that you have one big triangle and one smaller one. This gives you the fold plus the distance to the two corners, which is, of course, a little longer than a symmetrical fold.</p>
can you use it with a normal scarf?
<p>yes i got it ..! thanks for share</p>
<p>Excellent tutorial, and thanks for the extra tips!</p>
I used it as a fly swatter.. Just like popping a towel in the gym shower.. but it has less friction and a real good n loud crack. Just remember which end got the fly guts on it.
Double doors...
The &quot;keeping cool&quot; actually works great with the fluffy gaze-like shemaghs. Fold and twist it into a saussage that sucks up water like a sponge and keeps your neck cool forever. Thanks for the tip! <br> <br>(I hope nobody has tried out the &quot;weapon&quot; example yet!)
Nice job! I usually just wear my shemagh around my neck and mouth in the winter. But, next time we have a snow storm I'm going to give this full head wrap style a try. Thanks!
if you keep them wet is stops heat stroke
Not something I plan to go out and do any time soon, but you did a fantastic job, especially with the photos.
This is great. I think the finished picture of you with it all tied on would make for an even more compelling intro image. I never knew how to do this!

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