Woggles or Turk's Head Knot are used primarily used for a decoration. They can be used for napkin bands, neckerchief slide or anything else that you want a decorative loop around.  

While the first attempt at creating a woggle will seem awkward, once the pattern becomes apparent, the steps are quite repetitive and will become self evident. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

In order to make a Woggle or Turk's Head you need:
    -Rope (The length of rope will vary depending on the diameter of the rope and the size of the woggle you are making.) For this example I used 4 feet of rope to make a large woggle.
    -Your hand (I am right handed, and built the woggle on my left hand. If you are left handed, it would be best to reverse everything!)
<p>Thanks - glad to be able to find the instructions to do it the way I used to. Sharing on Pinterest. Made this time with electrical wire.</p>

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