How to Tie a Celtic Heart Knot





Introduction: How to Tie a Celtic Heart Knot

Celtic heart knot is actually an excellent knot to incorporate into your love spells. Wanna give a try instantly? It’s a easy macrame project on how to make a celtic heart knot for your necklace or bracelet.

Step 1: To Fashion the Heart, Fold the Cord Over Itself to Create a Small Loop.

Step 2: Take the Right Working Cord End Down Through the Loop, As Shown.

Step 3: Bring the Working End Back to Go Upwards Through the Upper Loop and Then Down Through the Lower Loop, As Shown.

Step 4: Take the Working Cord Down Through the Bottom Loop (marked With Number 1). Next, Thread the End Up Through the Center Loop (marked With Number 2) and Back Down Through the Top Loop (marked With Number 3).

Step 5: Now Shape the Knot Into a More Defined Heart by Gently Pinching the Bottom Into a V You'll Make Your Celtic Heart Knot at Last.

Step 6: This Is a Necklace With Silver Charms for the Coming Valentine's Day. What an Elegant Piece, Isn't It?



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    7 Discussions

    How much cord should I begin with to make a necklace with this at the center. Sorry if I missed this info somewhere here.

    I'm stuck on this. Will this work with a piece of wool?

    Great and easy! My new favourite make! ❤️

    It was easy to follow, but I still ended up in a tangle! XD I've never been good at making things. I'll try with slightly thicker cord next time. I like the tutorial, though! :3

    thank you so much for this tutorial, it worked perfectly and now ive got s pretty purple rope heart :D