How to Tie a Sheetbend





Introduction: How to Tie a Sheetbend

From the Eye in the sky workshop cam:

In the video, I didn't leave the loose ends long enough for safety. In the still picture, the loose ends are a better length.

I think I tie sheetbends totally different from everyone else -- fortunately none of mine have ever come loose. If you've got a better way post it in the comments or in a new Instructable!



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    wow, stumbled upon this and it is good practice to always do a triple sheetbend, the one above is a single. I work in the fishing industry and a single can work loose

    Both tails of the rope should be on the same side. From Wikipedia: "Make sure the two free ends are on the same side of the knot; otherwise you get a left-handed sheet bend - a knot of significantly reduced strength."

    While it's probably best practice to always tie a right-handed version, I thought the left and right were the same strength for rope of similar diameter. For different diameter rope, right-hand is always better. After doing so many things wrong on this Instructable, I wonder, can I do anything right?

    Well it looks like you guys switched the comment system back to the original style. That's pretty cool.

    this is a sheet bend not a bowline (o;

    You're right! I've changed the title and am hanging my head in shame.

    and you invented rope?!?! (o; the shame... the shame!

    one of the harder knots that you learn in the scouts, ahhh But can you tie THE DRAGON BOWLINE!!! yes simple tie a bowline and drag it behind you Drag on bowline hahahaha i love dumb jokes