The largest of the three common tie knots. It's symmetrical and has a commanding presence. It works well with narrow or thin ties and wide collars.

This knot is one loop more complicated than the Half Windsor, so it's two more complicated than the Four in Hand. It's a large, symmetrical knot that's good for thin ties or wide collars.

Step 1: Ready?

Lift your collar and place the tie around your neck with the front side facing out. The wider end of the tie should be on your right. You'll probably want to make the narrow tail of the tie much shorter than the wide end. Finding the right balance may take a few tries.
I let the wide part hang at the lowest point of where my trouser zipper ends! I don't worry about the narrow end of the tie, because it's hidden behind the tie and tie clip. Give it a try!
I find that a good way to start is to have the tip of the wide end hanging to the tip of my fingers if my arm is hanging loosely. Then tie the knot pretty close to the neck, at the end the end of the tie almost touches my belt buckle.
Excellent and easy to understand steps. Looks really good in the end. Thanks.
Thank you! My dad has been trying to teach me this one for years, and now I finally get it in 30 seconds.
Same here! \o/ <br> <br>Thanks for sharing mate! Be blessed!
here is another example of the knot. This is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://2tieatie.com/four-in-hand-knot.html">four in hand</a> knot it is easy to follow. <br/>
Good instructions I know ill use this one eventually.
Useful, thank you. I have recently been attempting an androgynous style of dress, based largely around modern business suits and the outfits of the Edwardian gentry. (I'm female, so wearing a smartly ironed shirt, velvet or brocade waistcoat and silk tie or cravat create a wonderful androgyny) The Windsor and Ascot will no doubt be seeing plenty of use in the future.
Thanks man! I've always sort of wondered how to tie the full-windsor and it only took me 15 seconds to learn from reading this. Good show!
Excellent sir. I am glad you have introduced this to the World at large. I swear by the full Windsor for the following reasons: 1) They do not slip 2) Symmetrical 3) Professional looking One point I will say though and that this knot is only ever really good when it is done with a silk tie and you have the little kink at the front as it lifts and brings the tie up and out. Thank you, this is a must and proper life skill :-)
This is my favorite! I once read that the Full Windsor "cannot be ignored."

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