Introduction: How to Tie a Water Balloon Without Getting Pruney Fingers

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Follow these steps to learn how to tie hundreds of water balloons without getting pruney fingers.   The basic idea is to use some needle nose pliers to wrap, twist, grab, pull and throw the water balloon.  Watch the video to see how to do it quickly.  


Step 1: Supplies

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You will need the following supplies:

1. Water Balloon full of water. 

2. Needle Nose or Long Nose pliers

Step 2: Wrap

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Wrap the water balloon around the pliers.

Step 3: Twist

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Twist the water balloon once around the wrap you just did.

Step 4: Grab

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Open up the pliers a little bit and grab the end of the water balloon's air nozzle.

Step 5: Pull

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Use the pliers to pull the water balloon's nozzle through the wrap while pulling on the water balloon with your other hand.   Try pulling quickly to make a secure knot.

Step 6: Throw

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Your water balloon is ready to throw.   If you have one person fill the balloons and one person tie, you should be able to tie a hundred water balloons in just a few minutes.


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