How to Tie Into a Climbing Harness





Introduction: How to Tie Into a Climbing Harness

Required Equipment:

  • A climbing harness
  • A climbing rope

Step 1: Get Familiar With Your Harness

  • The largest loop is the waist loop.
  • The two medium sized loops on the very bottom are the leg loops.
  • The vertical loop is the belay loop.
  • The two small horizontal loops, in the center, are the tie-in loops.

Step 2: Loosen the Waist (and Leg Straps As Needed)

  • Loosen straps like you would on a backpack.

Step 3: Check for Twisting

  • Hold the harness horizontally from the waist strap.
  • With the leg loops hanging down, locate any twists in the straps.
  • Remove any twists you find.

Step 4: Putting on the Harness

  • Place the harness on the ground with the 2 leg loops inside the waist loop.
  • With the belay loop in the front, step into the 2 leg loops, which should be inside the waist loop.
  • Grab the waist loop and pull it upward to your waist. This action should also pull the leg loops onto your thighs. (Just like putting on pants)
  • Locate the various tightening straps on the harness and tighten them.
  • Check to make sure that the 3 small loops in the front are centered on your body.

Step 5: Grab the Rope

  • Grab the loose end of the climbing rope.
  • Stretch 3-4 feet of rope in your hands.

Step 6: Tie the Knot

  • Let go of the loose end in one hand, letting the 3-4 feet of rope dangle from your other hand.
  • Take the loose end of the rope and wrap it around the rope dangling from your hand.
  • Stick the loose end up through the created loop.
  • Pull it tight.
  • You should now have a figure 8 looking knot. If it’s a 9 or a 7, you did it wrong.

    This is your initial figure eight knot.

Step 7: Attaching the Rope to the Harness

  • Feed the loose end of the rope through the two tie-in loops.
  • Keep pulling the rope up through the loops until the figure eight is about an inch away from your loops/harness.
  • Take the loose end and follow the eight knot back through where it came so that every part of the knot is doubled.
  • You should have 5 sets of two parallel ropes.



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    DANGER! This is NOT the correct way to tie into a climbing harness. If you follow these directions you may die. This knot MUST be tied with a proper backup (stopper knot) and more tail. In some conditions/situations this knot can loosen up if tied as directed by these "instructions".

    In case you're wondering I've been climbing for 32 years, both professionally and recreationally.

    Don't forget to leave a long enough tag end for a stopper knot. The figure-eight is highly unlikely to come loose, but for an extra foot of rope, you have some added insurance.

    Climbing is great! And these are very clear and easy to follow instructions. Welcome to the community! I love to see a new face. I'm excited to see more from you in the future.