Step 4: Bowline on the Bight

Picture of Bowline on the Bight
A bowline "on the bight" is a bowline tied in a loop of rope (neither end is needed). The shape is the same as a bowline made with a double line, but the middle of the bight forms the loop around the standing part.

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durgledoggy4 years ago
This needs a video methinks. I could do it, but my method is still a bit sloppy and "not pretty".
rspetersga5 years ago
I'm not understanding how to tie this knot from the pictures.........
The looped end of the rope is passed through the double loop far enough to open it up enough to  pass the whole of the rest of the knot back through it, which effectively puts it on the other side of the free ends of the rope. It is then pulled back through the double loop to tighten the knot.
(dope slap to forehead) I call myself trying that and it not working, but tried again with your instructions and it did.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious!