How to Tie Your Shoes a New Way





Introduction: How to Tie Your Shoes a New Way

I came up with this method a while back to tie your shoelaces in a diferent way!

Step 1: Start to Tie

Pull one side of your shoelace tight and then follow the pictures.

Step 2: Pull Tight

finish the other side the same way and then pull down on the knot (towards the shoe)- voila, you have a tied shoelace!

Step 3: Tighten and Make Safe!

Pull one loop through the other and then tuck in the ends!



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:D I like your shoes... I happen to be wearing the same pair ;) I love vans... not because they're "cool" or whatever - but they're the most comfortable shoe I've worn and they last me at least three years (because of my stupid walk - I wear out corners way to fast).

Wow 10 years ago

wow, what vans are you wearing? when i used to wear them, they lasted 3 months, not 3 years. now my converse never let me down.

I think it was a model named "Maverick." Shoes last much much longer if you don't wear them every day OR give them a way to thoroughly dry out...

I'm to nerdy to wear vans, if I did, it would be the equivilent of wearing those plaid pants. (My attire isn't nerdy... yet...)

heck yes vans a very comfortable and "cool" all at the same time i also have vans but there black and have a v on the side

That's genius!
I hate regural bows
Thanks from Spain

Wouldn't this take much longer than the standard "X, under, , loop the loop, tuck, and BAM" method? It all seems like this is all too much trouble, and what if they get caught in an escalator? -Laughs quite quietly to myself-