Picture of How to tighten things.
It is important to tighten things in a 'crisscross' pattern. For long metal things, like a cylinder head, start in the middle, and work in a circular pattern out to the ends. Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you do not want things to tight, or too loose, but just right.
Malhecho3 years ago
yeah i remember in autotech dont use the ratchet to tighten ur spark plugs or wing them off coz ull mess up the threads. just use it to break them loose then hand loosen them.
georion3 years ago
be nice
dont dice
lemonie3 years ago

It all makes sense to me now... or does it?
Cylinder-heads are far from circular, the standard numbered-diagram would be useful there, and you've not mentioned wheel-nuts.

Did Goldilocks tighten the bears' nuts? I haven't read that version...

dontno lemonie3 years ago
Hey Lemonie;

I was told a long time ago by a wise man that said; "Mary had a little lamb. She also had a bear. i often saw her little lamb, but never saw her bear." I like yourself have not found the bear version as yet.
lemonie dontno3 years ago

That's good.
"Mary had a little lamb, the doctors were astounded. Everywhere she went gynecologists surrounded."