How to touch up a deep paint scratch in your car.

Picture of How to touch up a deep paint scratch in your car.
Here's how to get the best possible do-it-yourself result and perhaps avoid paying a body shop $1000s to fix minor paint damage.

What you'll need:
1.  A small bottle of paint that matches your car.
2.  A fine-tipped touch up brush (hobbyist stores have these).
3.  3M Glazing & Spot putty (from most automotive stores).
4.  Paper towels or a rag.
5.  Excess paint and putty remover.
6.  Squeegee for spreading putty (credit card will work too).

Materials costs:  about $40.
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Step 1: Apply putty

Picture of Apply putty
Spread a dab of putty into the scratch with a squeegee or credit card.

Step 2: Remove putty

Picture of Remove putty
Wet a paper towel or rag with excess paint remover.  With gentle pressure, wipe over the red putty to remove excess.  Stop when the scratch is full with red putty.

Step 3: Apply paint

Picture of Apply paint
Clean the repair area, then apply paint.  "Connect the dots" from left to right, keeping a steady hand to avoid creating ugly brush strokes.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
Paint is dry in 5 minutes.  You can wash or wax your car if you like. 

Should you make a mistake, the putty or paint can be removed with nail polish remover and you can try again.

Expect BETTER results on dark colors than light colors.
Ghalko2 years ago
Might have to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.