Picture of How to touch up a deep paint scratch in your car.
Here's how to get the best possible do-it-yourself result and perhaps avoid paying a body shop $1000s to fix minor paint damage.

What you'll need:
1.  A small bottle of paint that matches your car.
2.  A fine-tipped touch up brush (hobbyist stores have these).
3.  3M Glazing & Spot putty (from most automotive stores).
4.  Paper towels or a rag.
5.  Excess paint and putty remover.
6.  Squeegee for spreading putty (credit card will work too).

Materials costs:  about $40.

Step 1: Apply putty

Picture of Apply putty
Spread a dab of putty into the scratch with a squeegee or credit card.
Ghalko2 years ago
Might have to try this. Thanks for the tutorial.