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Introduction: How to Track IP Location

This instructable how to really simple track IP location of any site. It is possible to track e-mail senders location, but I'm still working on it. You'll see - It is really easy.

P.S. I'm not so good at English so sorry if there are grammar mistakes and\or sentences don't make sense.

Disclaimer: I'm not shore is this legal, but anyway I'm not guilty for anything what you do whit this instructions.

Step 1: Let's Begin

First open command prompt. This can be done by entering the start>run enter "cmd" without quotes and hit enter or press ok. Once you are in write "tracert [page URL]" and hit enter. You'll see cmd tracking route to this site. This is how you go to some site. From your home you go on that every site (server) to get to your destination site. CMD will write "Trace complete" when it is don. Now take the last IP.

Step 2: The Tracking

Now go to one of this site:
You will see area whit your IP and Your location. There write last IP from CMD and push the will see location of site you were looking for!!

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    There's also a neat little utility that allows tracking the IP addresses of the machine it's installed on. You can get the IP addresses via Email or have them written to a MySQL database. Here's the link

    sugenite, thats hacking xD and btw, tracing IPs never work exactly :/ they can if your lucky, try putting your own IP and see if it traces you EXACTLY, probably not :)

    The other day I got a window message saying some one wanted to join my network? When I look up his ip address I found it was from overseas. This does work.

    do you know if you could track a computers ip adress with this?

    ill try it looks cool thx. p.s. its not whit its with

    How can I do this on my mac (OS X) with firefox or safari?

    that was reall gud now i want to knw how i access sites admin and passwords

    Your making it too hard. skip the IP address look up in the command line it's pointless because all you have to do is type the web address of your chose in where Dantex is telling you to put the IP address of the website. Both work but my way is a lot easier.

    Doesn't really work I'm afraid. It shows my current IP as being over 700 miles away from where I actually am.

    3 replies

    It works. It does not sow your location, but sites, like or other!

    No it shows where their web server is... Sorry but this isn't really very useful.

    Yes, and the page is on that server.

    In the disclaimer there is a type-o. It should be "sure" not shore. Other then that well done. Looks cool.

    1 reply

    thx, like i said my English is not very good.