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An instructable on how to train your hamster:
I'm going to explain in a few steps how you can tame and train your hamster. It's very easy and can be quickly done but your hamster must suffice following qualities:
- easy-going
- prepared to do some exercise ( in other words the hamster can't be fat )
- child friendly
- smart ( IQ from at least 120 )

Following equipment is also required:
- a cage that is large enough so it can run around
- some toys he can play with
- a crib
- some fitness-equipment so he can do his daily exercises
- gloves ( in case the hamster is aggressive and bites )
- chains ( also in case the hamster is a little basterd )
- a brush for his fur
- the right food ( you never know your hamster is a veggie )
- water ( always ) alternating with some soda or booze if he's in for a party

In case you've got all of this you can start training. You can do this all of yourself and really don't need to send your hamster to trainingschool.
Remember that hamsters are especially active at night and that they sleep a lot during the day. You also have to make sure that you feed him enough otherwise it won't be pretty and that you take care of his health and give him enough attention, you don't want him to make annoying noises because he's bored. Maybe you can let a little friend come over for him from time to time, your hamster has needs to ...

CuddlyK22 days ago

Okay, I just read the whole thing and honestly, this is the most untrue hamster article I have ever read. I'm not trying to be rude, but this is sort of ridiculous.

1. Taking your hamster outside is a bad idea in itself, for it can escape so easily or be taken away by a bird or the neighbor's cat when you turn away. But putting it on a leash? And taking it on the road for a walk? This will give your hamster very high stress and anxiety and imagine what would happen if it escaped the leash and ran in front of a car.

2. Haha, good luck punishing your hamster. It will resent you as they don't understand punishments, they only understand that if they do the right thing, they get treats - positive reinforcement is the way to go.

3. Force it to run on its wheel? You could hurt it by doing that, make it hate you, or make it puny and underweight. Animals have free will and if you feed them the right amount and include a wheel in their cage they will be completely fine and healthy.

tweaver71 year ago

PLEASE tell me this is a joke? you NEVER punish a hamster, you NEVER put a hamster on a leash, if you don't want to worry about an animal being "smelly" or going to the bathroom DON'T get a pet! you are encouraging CRUELTY!

Thank you.

CuddlyK22 days ago

You cannot force a hamster to run on its wheel. It may be tired and may hate you for forcing it too. Spanking a hamster also is an extremely bad idea, as it WILL NOT understand and will fear and resent you.

AmberK4 months ago
RickensonG8 months ago

I have a roborovski hamster, long haired hamster, and a winter white. They are

all new and how do I train them all at once when I have like 13 MORE HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

gapak4 years ago
Some other advice for people who (plan to) keep a hamster: avoid keeping just one hamster, hamsters are always happier if they can share there cage with one or more other hamsters. If you really want to make your hamster 'supertame': males are tamed easier.
Don't expect the hamster to be 'clean' if your buying a hamstertoilet, it doesn't work always as good as sellers want you to believe, however hamsters like it very much if you fill this 'toilets' with chinchilla sand.
tweaver7 gapak1 year ago

thats bad advice, most breeds SHOULD NEVER be housed together such a syrians. its a myth that they are happier if housed with another hamster, they are terretorial animals and will fight to the death. the only time you can house 2 together is if they are a same sex pair from the same litter (brother-brother or sister-sister) and gender has NOTHING to do with tameness

gapak tweaver71 year ago

Syrians are the exception that confirms the rule. Unfortunately most other species need social companions but are often kept alone. However, this would only be allowed to happen after keeping together is attempted

Oh wow what a cute, fat, hamster! I slightly disagree with gapak, some hamster breeds are meant to be solitary, its in their nature. It all depends on the personality, breed, and gender of the hamster. Males tend to be more solitary, while females usually get along better with others.
waggy1011 year ago
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caap12342 years ago
You shouldn't punish hamsters to teach them things. They don't learn that way like dogs do, they will only see it as a threat. To train them to use a specific toilet area, you put a little of the soiled bedding/wood shavings and they will know, by their nature to use that area. I know this because I'm trained in animal care and behaviour.
sslovjak3 years ago
I could buy a hamster, but I have a problem. I don't know because in school we had 3 hamsters. Mom, Dad, and Son. Once when Mom was in other class, we went to lunch, and when we came back, we found that Dad killed his Son!!! I am not sure if I should put two hamsters together and I don't have even so much time for this one. I am not sure, if I can handle two.
I dont think its a good idea to get two hamster
I have two of them.. Never had any problems. They are always together.. (they are brother-sister). They had babies once <3 then I separated them and two months later they were together again :D Never had such a problem like those.
yeah how do you "make" it run?
zlofpgu13 years ago
Hi, i got my hamster mabey 9 months ago, and he still like vibrates when i hold him, also he bites me when i put my hand in the cage, do you have any suggestions? thanks alot!
I used to own a number of dwarf hamsters. The female one was super aggressive and I had to have leather gloves on when I handled her. I just let her bite on the glove for as long as she wants until she's bored. With time, she eventually bite less hard and eventually just stopped biting even with my bare hands. I guess she thought it was pointless to continue.
how do you "make" a hamster run in it's wheel?
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, I love the picture of him sitting in the food dish.
canida4 years ago
Aw, he's so cute! I used to keep Siberian dwarf hamsters too.

As with most critters, you'll find that rewarding the desired behavior gets you much farther than attempting to punish undesired behaviors. Hamsters are highly motivated by food. ;)