Step 4: Transfer option #2

This is especially good for embroideries with lots of little lines - anything delicate!

Tape the paper to a window that gets a good amount of sunlight. (Make sure to use scotch or masking tape, otherwise it might not want to come off) The window will act as a giant lightbox! Then tape the fabric over it and go over the pattern with a water soluble pen.
Thank you so much Jessy for all your tutorials on embroidery they have been very helpful and I love this Hobbit pattern. This will be my first pattern that I try my hand at, wish me luck!
Thanks- brilliant idea- you are awarded the Golden Clever Clogs Award!
Ohhhh, very official. :D Thank you!
I have another couple options for embroidery pattern transfers... <br> <br> <br>I'll post an instructable on my most recent one soon, hopefully. I told Scooch about a previous concept...
Yeah! Can't wait to see them. :)
I like your transfer options 2 and 3. These are clever ways of making do without a lighted box. I wish I thought of that! <br> <br>If you draw with a ball point pen on cotton fabric you can erase the ink with rubbing alcohol ( no friction needed, just a good soak).
I had no idea! That's so fancy - I'm going to try that soon. :D
ditto :0)
Very good tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

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