Step 4: Transferring Embroidery Patterns by Hoop

This is especially good for embroideries with lots of little lines - anything delicate!

Hoop the fabric you want to put the pattern on. Make sure the fabric is really taut in the hoop for best results when tracing!

Lay the pattern down, and then place the hooped fabric over it, flat side down.

Hold the hoop down onto the pattern with one hand and trace with the other. Rotate the hoop as needed to make it easier to draw the pattern.

You can stitch with the hoop in this configuration, or you can remove the fabric and reverse it - it all depends on how you embroider!

<p>I'm just getting started, so I find your page so helpful. I'm wondering how to transfer embroidered fabric onto a pillow. I thought I saw it on your site once, but now I can't find it.</p><p>Thank you!!!</p>
Thank you so much Jessy for all your tutorials on embroidery they have been very helpful and I love this Hobbit pattern. This will be my first pattern that I try my hand at, wish me luck!
Thanks- brilliant idea- you are awarded the Golden Clever Clogs Award!
Ohhhh, very official. :D Thank you!
I have another couple options for embroidery pattern transfers... <br> <br> <br>I'll post an instructable on my most recent one soon, hopefully. I told Scooch about a previous concept...
Yeah! Can't wait to see them. :)
I like your transfer options 2 and 3. These are clever ways of making do without a lighted box. I wish I thought of that! <br> <br>If you draw with a ball point pen on cotton fabric you can erase the ink with rubbing alcohol ( no friction needed, just a good soak).
I had no idea! That's so fancy - I'm going to try that soon. :D
ditto :0)
Very good tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

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