How to transfer the iTunes library from one PC to another?

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You've got a new PC or Mac and wish to transfer your iTunes library to the new computer without losing songs, apps or any other kind of data?

Basically there are four ways to transfer your entire iTunes library from one computer to another:

* Use iTunes transfer software to move the entire iTunes library
* Transfer iTunes manually to a new PC
* Backup iTunes on CDs/DVDs to restore it on the new PC
* Use your iPod as temporary storage device to move iTunes

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Step 1: Using Software to move the iTunes library

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By the end of 2010 a program called TuneSwift has been published. This software allows you to transfer the entire iTunes library including apps, music, videos, books, playlists, tags, iPhone backups and many more.

It is easy to use and enables you to backup, transfer and restore the iTunes library to a new PC or Mac. You can load the software from http://www.copytrans.net/copytranstuneswift.php .

To install the program just follow the on screen instructions. After the installation open TuneSwift.

You’ll now find three buttons/options:

1 Transfer 2 Backup and 3 Restore iTunes

1) To move your iTunes library to a new computer hit the “Transfer” button.
2) Now you can decide whether you want to copy iTunes to a PC or a Mac.
3) When you made your choice you’ll find a window to select the external hard drive or flash drive where you want to temporarily store the iTunes library. Give a name to the iTunes transfer archive and confirm.
4) Now click “Start Transfer”.
5) After the successful transfer of the iTunes library to the external hard drive, eject the drive and connect it to the new PC.
6) Install TuneSwift on the new PC and choose “Restore”.
7) Select the “Transfer File” from the external drive. Normally this file ends with “*.tsw” and hit the “Start Restore” button.
8) After the successful restore of your iTunes library, TuneSwift will notify you.
9) Close TuneSwift and open iTunes. You’ll find your complete iTunes library on your new computer.

Pro : TuneSwift is an easy to use app that transfers the entire iTunes library including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch backups. It also allows you to keep backups of your library on external drives.
Contra : Mac users can only use the restore function of TuneSwift.

Mostly, I transfer them with the professional iTunes Transfer.

Hjqqloy18 days ago

I used Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to PC Transfer to transfer music from iPod to iTunes Library. It allows you to sync ipod music to computer as well.

AdamLisboa1 month ago

You may also follow this guide to have it done.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes

cristina20159 months ago

By default iTunes won't be set to
synchronise your music with the iPhone. In iTunes select the iPhone via the
menu on the left (if it isn't already) and then click the Music tab at the top
of the main window. Then set it to synchronise (either all or just the folders
you choose). Then when you click Sync it should copy the music across.


Check this free tool, very interesting, no installation, no signup. It can easily perform the music transfer process.


AlexP211 months ago

I've also found a guide about "how to transfer iTunes library to new PC".


AlexP212 months ago

I tell you a method.You can use iTools.Because iTools can convert music to any apple device iTunes alternative, such as add music from PC to iPhone without iTunes or transfer iTunes playlist to the Android.It can be said to be a free music app for IOS.:)

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