Step 6: Finally the Curtains / Finalmente Las Cortinas

Like an option, you can sew or buy a pair of curtains with the length and width that agrees with the size of the doors windows. Then settled them behind the door. It helps to hide all the things inside of the cupboard.

Finally, you have now a totally new cupboard.


Como una opcion, puedes coser o comprar un par de cortinas con la longuitud y el ancho que concuerde con el tamaño de las ventanas de las puertas. Despues colocalas detras de la puerta. Estas ayudan a ocultar todas las cosas dentro del armario.

Finalmente tienes ahora un armario totalmente nuevo.

I want to thank my father, because without him, this project could not have been realised... you are so important for me.
Quiero agradecer a mi padre, por que sin el este proyecto no podria haberse realizado... eres muy importante para mi.

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Very nice refurbishment! I was wondering, where did you get the doors? Did you buy them or make them yourself?<br/><br/>My father and I built a custom wall-length bookcase for my apartment and after seeing this awesome faux stained glass idea of goosezilla's (https://www.instructables.com/id/Faux_Stained_Glass/), I've been wanting to make some doors or sliding panels for it.<br/>
hahaha, StoryAddict thanks for your comments, I've not learned japanese or swedish yet, ... and as I commented before, the doors were made by a carpenter, I took some ideas from internet and then I ask the carpenter for some adaptations to those ideas until the final result was this, of course with my singular touch. But I really would like to see some pictures of your bookcase!... the faux stained glass idea its really interesting... tell me where can I see your new bookcase?
Unfortunately the only decent camera I've got is an older sony camcorder which I never actually figured out how to connect to my computer (me <-- lazy and forgetful), but I'll be sure to let you know whenever I get some good pics up. I do wish I'd gotten some pics taken while we were constructing it but it was kinda a rough day so tempers were running high (although its final construction and paint/stain job certainly made it worth it!).
I love that this is bilingual. Now can you do Japanese and Swedish as well? Sugoi. (Just kidding...sorta...the Japanese would be cool though.)
Where did you get the pre-made doors? I like the look but don't have the skills to make the doors myself
yes, the doors are made by a carpenter, I took from Internet some photos of the kinds of doors in furniture; I recommend you to look for in google images; then I consulted with the carpenter my ideas and between them he recommended me something like those doors. Thanks for your comment. :)
Fantastico! Me gusta que está en dos idiomas. Y... es un bien 'ible!
mil gracias por tu comentario!!! saludos desde México!
Great instructional, Very nice to see it multi language as well.
thanks for your comment and greetings from Mexico
Looks like a job well done, although I'm not sure why you'd have to throw it away if it didn't have doors, a curtain, and wasn't painted. I prefer no curtains, it gets a little doll house looking otherwise.
oh, thanks for your comment, it was going to throw it because I changed myself from a house to an apartment and tried it in my room, but now the space is much more small and I need furniture that occupies less space. :)

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