How to transform a bookcase to a cupboard / como transformar un librero en un armario

Step 6: Finally the curtains / Finalmente las cortinas

Picture of Finally the curtains / Finalmente las cortinas
Like an option, you can sew or buy a pair of curtains with the length and width that agrees with the size of the doors windows. Then settled them behind the door. It helps to hide all the things inside of the cupboard.

Finally, you have now a totally new cupboard.


Como una opcion, puedes coser o comprar un par de cortinas con la longuitud y el ancho que concuerde con el tamaño de las ventanas de las puertas. Despues colocalas detras de la puerta. Estas ayudan a ocultar todas las cosas dentro del armario.

Finalmente tienes ahora un armario totalmente nuevo.

I want to thank my father, because without him, this project could not have been realised... you are so important for me.
Quiero agradecer a mi padre, por que sin el este proyecto no podria haberse realizado... eres muy importante para mi.

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StoryAddict6 years ago
Very nice refurbishment! I was wondering, where did you get the doors? Did you buy them or make them yourself?

My father and I built a custom wall-length bookcase for my apartment and after seeing this awesome faux stained glass idea of goosezilla's (http://www.instructables.com/id/Faux_Stained_Glass/), I've been wanting to make some doors or sliding panels for it.