Introduction: How to Transform a Floor Lamp With Spray Paint and a Lampshade

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Do you love the utility of your torchiere floor lamp but hate the sight of it? Yes? Well, I can relate. Begrudgingly, I bought one this year, mainly because I didn't want to shell out big bucks and I really needed that little reading/task light that is attached to many torchiere lamps. But let me tell you -- it is severely lacking in style or class. For starters, the pipe base comes in black, and when juxtaposed against my light-colored walls, it stands out like a sore thumb. (You can find floor lamps in silver, too, but you'll pay twice as much.) In addition, the plastic cone-shaped lampshade looks cheap and tacky.*

Materials - basic floor lamp ($9) (I opted for the dual purpose floor lamp with task light combo for $12.99.); Krylon Fusionfor plastics spray paint (around $6); lampshade (found a decent one at Ross for $2.99)

Time - 5 minutes + paint drying time (15 min to touch, 1 hr to handle)

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Step 1: But First Here Is a Before Picture.

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This is the exact same lamp I bought from Target.

Step 2: Remove the Plastic Lampshades.

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And move your lamp to a well-ventilated area with cardboard or something under to protect the grass, garage floor, or whatever is beneath. 

Step 3: Start Painting the Base.

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I used white spray paint from Krylon Fusion. Move the can in a slow and steady motion about 8 inches from the lamp. Shake the can before and occasionally in between spraying sessions. By the way, it will take about 2 coats to go from black to white. I think you are supposed to wait for it to dry in between coats, but eh, I'm impatient. 

(Notes: Make sure to cover the bulb sockets with tape before beginning-- something I didn't think to do at first. I would also recommend wearing a face mask for painters, but it's not imperative.)

Step 4: Secure the New Fabric Lampshade to the Base, and Voila!

Picture of Secure the New Fabric Lampshade to the Base, and Voila!

Nice! Much better than what it looked like before. I know I did mine in all white, which I may change if the mood strikes me, but just think of all the possibilities! Spray paint comes in all sorts of colors as do lampshades. It's really ashame I chose plain ol' white. 


bicygirl (author)2012-11-13

This is such a great improvement on the basic blah torchiere lamp. Thanks for posting.

CazzPhoenix (author)2011-06-17

Sadly I never realized how bad those lamps look having had them all my life. You've definitely improved it with the minor changes you made :-)

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