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I live in a small apartment and I own several small devices that are energy-greedy. I tried in the past to dedicate some space near a wall plug, to charge them all, but it always looked bad and cluttered. I searched for a professional solution to buy, but they are either expensive or ... really expensive! And usually not future upgradable...


So I decided to build one, and the result was a BULKY IKEA box that laid on the floor for quite some time behind a rocking chair. After furniture rearrangement (chic!), I used that space and I was left with no-money. So I had to improvise and find a solution for the only available place ... my living room, and it had to blend in.


THEN it struck me!! Why not transform this beautiful black IKEA vase into a stealth charging station??

(The eagle-eyed viewers already noticed that the photo couldn't be taken in my living room but i have a great excuse ... IT'S A MESS!  :p )

Step 1: Parts You Will Need...

Mouth blown glass vase from IKEA,

Pot stand from cork,


Power cord with a switch,

Female adapter,


...and the rest you see in the following picture :)   {It's all plugs to me :p , so any help is appreciated...)

This is really creative .. Good Job :D
glass cracks more easily when heated. you can run water over it as you drill. slow and steady.
This is such a great idea, I may make one for each pile of mess in my house.  Keys, pens, paper clips - those containers should all be topped with flowers.  thank-you for the inspiration.
This is great. Thanks for sharing this excellent idea.<br /> I would like to have seen more pictures on how the cork, adapters, splitters, vase, etc. all fit together (but I'm sure I can figure it out).<br /> :D
Such an&nbsp; &nbsp;<em><strong>elegant elegant solution</strong></em>&nbsp;&nbsp; to such an ugly but necessary problem !!!!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thank you so very much for your instructable.&nbsp; Have found the IKEA Stockholm vase&nbsp;in stock @ my local&nbsp;IKEA.&nbsp; Will make several for family, friends and myself !!!!
This is a really cool holder! I hope this inspires other people to create their own charging stations. I would love to see what else people can come up with.<br />
Nice, you just need a holder to keep each device steady.
Are you in England or somewhere other than the US? Because I've never seen those plugs here. This is really cool too.<br />
No, I'm from Greece, as i highlighted on the globe ;)<br /> So it's a European kind of plug (except UK of course)<br /> Glad you liked it!&nbsp;
Great Job!<br /> <br /> Glad to see a new method to hide my ugly charging devices!<br /> <br /> Looking forwards to seeing more of your 'ibles!<br />

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