How to transform an IKEA vase into a Charging Station for your gadgets.


Step 3: Cord management and a base from cork

Picture of Cord management and a base from cork

I passed the power cord through the hole and I connected the free cables with a female adaptor. [if it’s your first time doing this: open the adapter with the screwdriver, connect one cable in each brass thing and close the adapter] On this you can connect as many as five of these "T" like plugs and ideally connect 10 chargers, but this won't happen because of the size of them. Realistically you can connect 4 "T"‘s, and 6-8 chargers. I'm using right now 5 chargers but have space for at least 2 more. Not bad! (No pictures because it's easy ;)  )


Then I took the pot stand that was standing in my kitchen. You can find in IKEA too, but they are larger than mine and you should cut peripherally 1-1.5cm (approximate estimation) to decrease the diameter 2-3cm and fit better. Keep in mind that it should be a bit larger than the neck of the vase so that it won't fall inside it, and thick enough to keep the weight of the devises you are going to charge (larger than 0.5 cm is good enough). With the knife I cut out 2cm long and few mm wide (according to the thickness of the cable each time) pieces of cork, and widened in the inner end a bit, so that the cable can go up & down freely.


To give it a bit of class, I heated the knife on a candle and engrave the type of devices I'm going to connect. It took some time but worth it after all. From time to time you should use a wet cloth to remove from the knife tip the extra black "powder" that accumulates so that it will not spread between the letters and make the names unrecognizable. (I didn't in the second "S" in Samsung as you can see)