Step 2: Modify Trap

Picture of Modify Trap
Once you get your trap out of the package, there is one small modification needed to increase the killing power and accuracy of the trap.  To help insure the mouse is trapped when they are on the trap, you will need to modify the trigger so that it will go off when the mouse sniffs it.

You do not want the mouse moving around and working on the bait without the trap going off.  To do this, straiten up the trigger latch to a point where you can no longer get the trap to set.  Then bend it back just a little.

This will create a hair trigger on your tarp.  When the mouse so much as sniffs the bait, it will go off.  This is very important.

It is also very important to watch your fingers once you have made this change.  The trap will go off when you least expect it.  Just carrying it around may cause it to trigger.  Hold the trap on the sides on the end where the bar is located when the trap is set.  If the trap happens to go off while you are holding it, the bar will not hit you.  You will drop the trap and the bait will come off but you will be safe.