How to Travel Independently for the First Time





Introduction: How to Travel Independently for the First Time

Why do you have to overpay travel agents for sorting out an itinerary for you when you can do it yourself?Even if travelling is a new expecience for you, let alone travelling alone, you should not be scared of this idea. On the contrary, independent travelling can give you more possibilities than you can imagine.

Step 1: Travelling Is a New Expecience for You

How to plan an independent trip for the first time?Start with gathering information. Choose the country you want to visit and start gathering important information that relates to the country you have chosen. You can use a good travel guide book, online resources and web forums where it is possible to ask other travelers for tips from their own experiences in your destination.It is important to decide how long you are going to stay there, what cities you are going to visit and what places you are planning to see. Find information regarding road network that connects your destinations. If you are planning to visit two different cities in one country, you should search for domestic low cost air carriers. Sometimes it will be easier and quicker to buy a train ticket. pays great attention to your personal safety. It is important to stay in touch with your family and friends to let them know that you are ok. For this reason you need to check whether your cell phone supports roaming functions before you actually leave home. If it does not, you can rent a cell phone upon arrival or buy a local sim card to make cheaper calls.Make a plan for how long you will stay in a certain country and city, ideas on what you might want to do there, and how you will move from place to place. Your itinerary should be flexible.

Step 2: ​Plan Days Just for Travelling

Plan days just for travelling and plan a couple of days for contingencies. There is a great number of things that can change your plans: a local person might recommend you a place you even have not heard of, the weather might change dramatically or simply you will not like the place.Once you have decided where you want to go, what you want to see, you need to make bookings. Some travelers prefer to book everything in advance starting with the main transport and ending with excursion tickets. First and foremost, you need to book transport and accommodation. If you are planning to visit the most famous tourist attraction like Eiffel Tower in Paris, you are advised to book the ticket in advance, otherwise you will have to wait for 2 hours in a long line just to buy the ticket.When everything is booked, it is time to pack your bag. Make a list of the most needed things not to take too much unnecessary things with you. Relevant information that you have already gathered will help at this stage decide what you might need on your trip. It is always better to take less as a small bag or suitcase will provide you with flexibility.Stay positive and enthusiastic all the time. The closer the date of the departure, the more nervous you will get. It is always scary to travel independently for the first time but with the right planning your trip will be fantastic and memorable. Think of all the wonderful places you will see and new experience that the trip will give you.



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    spam for a travel site

    Excellent! Especially since I am planning a trip to Guatemala, Belize, etc. Tipped the scales away from those damn package tours.

    Great tips!