Step 5: Explore the mysteries of the London Underground

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The Underground or tube is a wonderful way of getting around London. However if you are travelling with a suitcase to or from the airport, it's not so easy. Many stations have long and short flights of stairs up and down all over the place and no elevators (lifts). However,it is possible by visiting the London Underground web site, to find out which stations have lifts (elevators, This will make your life much easier. Big suitcases on the "moving staircases", (escalators) are a real hazard both to you and others! I lost hold of a suitcase last year and almost demolished a row of fellow travellers below!

You can also get special passes to the London underground (the tube)
A map of the underground will come in handy.

By the way, the Underground has some very interesting posters on the walls, although sometimes it's difficult to know what they are advertising!
wibbble7 years ago
Yeah, but don't take pictures inside or of the outside of Tube stations. That's not legal any more and the Met will probably shoot you in case you're a terrorist. Don't go to London! It's a horrible, horrible city. Dirty, overcrowded, and miserable.
stinkymum (author)  wibbble7 years ago
I note you are from Edinburgh - now that is a beautiful city - like London!
I try to spend as little time in London as I possibly can - I just don't see the appeal. Edinburgh's much nicer, but so is Glasgow, or Birmingham, or any other city I've been to! There's also something of a cultural issue: the vast majority of the UK media are based out of London and there's an inherent assumption in most of the major newspapers and all the TV broadcasting that their main audience is in London. Which is hellishly annoying when you live very far away from London. FWIW, my comment about photographing the Tube is correct - a BBC news crew got moved on by the police for trying to use a Tube station as a backdrop. You need to get a permit or face getting your camera taken off you.
stinkymum (author)  wibbble7 years ago
Everyone has an opinion - thanks for sharing yours!