How to Treat a Deep and Badly Infected Wound on an Organic Fantail Pigeon. Suitable for Other Organic Poultry.





Introduction: How to Treat a Deep and Badly Infected Wound on an Organic Fantail Pigeon. Suitable for Other Organic Poultry.

About: I am passionate about organic farming and food. We have a small homestead or rather a forest garden with rare breed poultry, fantail pigeons and quail. It is situated near one of the most famous French touri...

I have never been faced before with such a deep and badly infected wound on a bird. It happened because I believed the pigeon had been carried off by the sparrowhawk, not realising that she had escaped and was sitting on a nest in the workshop. Three days later I found out exactly what had happened and by then the wound, which was in effect a deep and wide hole in her side, had become infected. I used green 'Montmorillonite' French clay, mixed with mineral water and three drops of the powerful natural antibiotic - organic grapefruit seed extract, to pack into the wound. 24 hours later with the clay hard and dry over the wound, I began to treat with Essential oil of organic Tea tree - three drops per day for a maximum of 5 days - I stopped on the third day as the infection had cleared up. I put two drops on the clay and the third down the side into the wound. Tea tree is one of the very few essential oils which may be used undiluted on birds and certain other animals. Clay, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils are all items in the first aid kit of any organic smallholder/homesteader or farmer but I have never used them before to treat such a terrible wound. The wound was caused by a young sparrowhawk, which has since, thankfully left the vicinity after a few failed attempts on our fantails. The sparrowhawk pictured on the film is one I caught many months ago after it flew away from me when I surprised it in an attack and it became tangled up in our hedge! We took it away in the car some 10 km to a beautiful wood far away from any farm or other human habitation. Predator attack is one of the major health-related problems on organic homesteads, wild birds of prey are highly intelligent and know how good organic poultry tastes!



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    Fine! I actually looked at the wound last night when I closed up the Hen House, she's sleeping in there at the moment and the wound has now shrunk down to half the size in the film. Thanks for asking! Best Wishes from Basse-Normandie, Pavlovafowl aka Sue

    Awe glad to hear it! Man I'm glad she had a good human to take care of her!

    Thanks for that, much appreciated! When I opened the door this morning she actually flew out of the door, which is pretty amazing because I thought her muscles would never work again because of the damage. Clay is an amazing substance. I friend of mine treated her dog's badly broken leg with it and it completely healed. She took it back to her vet, who had said he could operate but doubted the success - the vet uses clay now!

    Isn't it funny how we forget the simple things nature has given us because we believe we have found a better way? Sometimes going back to basics is the best thing for everyone. I am going to remember clay from now on and I hope others find your instructable as informative and helpful as I did. BTW, I'm also so impressed she flew! It is amazing how resilient nature can be!

    Thanks! There are many things which have been used for thousands of years and then with the advent of the big pharmaceutical push around the 1940s/50s, we began to buy more and became less informed and self-sufficient. Clay is a wonderful healer and combined with essential oils and grape fruit seed oil has done a remarkable job on my pigeon. I really didn't expect her to fly again - the damage was quite horrid and as I thought, irreparable. However remembering the story of my friend's dog I just 'went for it'. The main thing was knowing she was OK in herself, the fact that she was eating was a good sign! The wound is now down to a centimetre across!

    I shall be posting some films on how we use essential oils in the treatment of various forms of parasites as soon as I can get time away from gardening!