How to Trim a Dogs Nails





Introduction: How to Trim a Dogs Nails

Monique from has worked with dogs and cats for over twenty years now and knows a thing or two. Today she's going to show us how to safely trim a dogs nails using a dremel.



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There is no way my dog would let me near him with a dremel.

Yes, it's a tough one. It's all about taking baby steps. Does your dog let you touch his feet? If not, they have to get used to you touching them...and that's a whole process. If you can, then you take another step which is to trim one nail. Use a clipper or if you're not comfortable with that, use a file. We'll do another video on how you work up to this process. Tough but doable!

I just started doing this with my weim. He is two and hates getting his nails done at the shops to the point that he starts to stinks just from being at the groomers. So I have been doing it at home. He still hates it but he is a little calmer and I can do one nail at a time. I have been using the dremel because his nails are all black and tend to split when I use the clippers. Have you ever had issues with the nails chipping or splitting when you cut them?

First I have to tell you what you are doing is awesome! Much better for the companion if it's done in a familiar environment that is their safe place - home. Yes, nails do sometimes chip and split which can be diet, operator error or genetics. Keep up the great work!