Picture of How to tune a front derailleur
This instructable will show you how to tune up your front derailleur. This is a quick process that shouldn't run more than 20 minutes.

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You will need a set of allen keys and a screw driver.
tgray13 years ago
Why is it bike instructables always show a clean, new-looking bike? Even after I spray wash mine, it doesn't look that clean. Has this one been steam-cleaned? Need an instructable on bike cleaning...
swell4 years ago
Can't we all just get along? I'm running Shimano 600 on 2 road bikes. Love it.
eight7 years ago
I have a Toyota Corolla. Thanks for the Tute... Now I can fix my gearbox ! ;-)
Ha, ha? You made a funny, correct Watson?
itwasalan7 years ago
A good intro. It is more useful to folks with doubles than triples. It's too bad all of us aren't working on Sevens with Dura-Ace. That would be a little slice of bike mechanic heaven.
joe (author)  itwasalan7 years ago
Thanks, it does ride nice!
CapnChkn7 years ago
You're, a contraction of "You Are." Just test it out and _you;re_ good to go. And now smiling smugly to myself, I fade into the background. BOOOOOOMMMM!
joe (author)  CapnChkn7 years ago
D'oh! good eyes, thanks. -Joe