Picture of How to tune a front derailleur
This instructable will show you how to tune up your front derailleur. This is a quick process that shouldn't run more than 20 minutes.

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You will need a set of allen keys and a screw driver.

Step 2: Height

Picture of height
First thing to check is that the derailleur is in the right spot. Shift to the big ring and see if the derailleur cage is just a few millimeters above the teeth of the big ring.

Step 3: Height

Picture of height
If not, then loosen the cable, and adjust the height by adjusting the clamp that holds it on the seat tube.

Step 4: Straight

Picture of straight
You want the cage of the derailleur to be lined up perfectly with the teeth of the front chain rings.

When you tighten the clamp on the front derailleur you will notice it pulls the cage in towards the wheel, you want to compensate by turning it out a little from the wheel before you tighten.

Step 5: Limits

Picture of limits
Now with the cable still off of the derailleur you want to set the lower limit.

the lower limit keeps the chain from falling off the chainring and on to the bottom bracket shell.

First thing to do is shift in to the biggest ring in the back and leave the chain on the small ring in the front.

Step 6: Limits continued...

Picture of limits continued...
Now that you have the chain on the big ring in the back, its time to set the limit screw on the front derailleur.

The screw closest to the frame usually adjusts the inner limit, but if not just use the other one...

Trim this screw so that the chain is just barely not rubbing on the inside of the cage.

Step 7: Cable

Picture of cable
Now attach the cable.

Step 8: Shift...

Picture of Shift...
Now shift to the big ring in the front and small ring in the back.

Step 9: Trim

Picture of Trim
Trim the other limit screw so the derailleur cage is just barely not touching the chain.

If the limit is out to far it will pop over the big ring and in to the cranks while you are shifting... no one wants that.

Just test it out and you're good to go.

tgray13 years ago
Why is it bike instructables always show a clean, new-looking bike? Even after I spray wash mine, it doesn't look that clean. Has this one been steam-cleaned? Need an instructable on bike cleaning...
swell4 years ago
Can't we all just get along? I'm running Shimano 600 on 2 road bikes. Love it.
eight7 years ago
I have a Toyota Corolla. Thanks for the Tute... Now I can fix my gearbox ! ;-)
Ha, ha? You made a funny, correct Watson?
itwasalan7 years ago
A good intro. It is more useful to folks with doubles than triples. It's too bad all of us aren't working on Sevens with Dura-Ace. That would be a little slice of bike mechanic heaven.
joe (author)  itwasalan7 years ago
Thanks, it does ride nice!
CapnChkn7 years ago
You're, a contraction of "You Are." Just test it out and _you;re_ good to go. And now smiling smugly to myself, I fade into the background. BOOOOOOMMMM!
joe (author)  CapnChkn7 years ago
D'oh! good eyes, thanks. -Joe