How to Tune a Guitar





Introduction: How to Tune a Guitar

Tuning a guitar is SO EASY! If you know how to do it. But this is my first instructable, so take it easy.

Step 1: 6th String

6th string (low E) is easy. Just make the sound smooth and low using the tuning knob.

Step 2: 5th String and Down

To tune the 5th string, hold down the 6th string on the first dot on the neck and match that sound with the 5th string. Keep going down using the string before the string you are tuning. BUT NOT TUNING THE 2ND STRING!

Step 3: 2nd String and Down

For the 2nd string, simply use the 4th fret [fret before the dot] instead of the 5th fret. Then tune the 1st string NORMALY. So, now you can tune a guitar. [feel free to comment]



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Hi, I created online tuner with microphone for guitar and other instruments. I'll be glad if somebody check and let me know how it works

Thank you soo much! I've been wanting to be able to tune my guitar

this is a good method suprised there arnt any more instructsbles for this very good instructable

Thanks for the instructable. I just used it to tune my son's first guitar. I used to know this method but forgot how to do it. I used our Casio keyboard to get low E right.

I've never thought of using a keyboard as a guitar tuner before.

not all guitars have the first dot at the fifth fret. mine, a yamaha eg112c2 has it on the third fret, and the fifth fret is the second dot.just so you know.

Thanks for this, It's an easier method to tuning a guitar than what I was going to try. It works with electric guitars too, right? I just noticed that you seem to have an acoustic.

Hey nice instructables!! Im now able to tune without tuner! + I add a link of your ible on mine

I'm assuming that your ears are tuned to 82.407Hz when you tune the low E string? Otherwise how would you know that the guitar was tuned to the right key?

Well, if you tune your low E string so it's a rich, smooth tone then you are tuning the rest of the strings relative to that one and you'll still get a great sound.