This instructable will help you to tune up a rear derailleur.

Step 1: tools

You will need:

Allen Keys
Cleaner( I use Pedros Oranj Peelz)
Screw Driver
Chain Lube
<p>Power washing certainly gets your bike clean, but the pressure from the washer can also force water into your headset and crank housing. Most recommend a mild dish soap hand wash over the power wash with a gentle hose rinse and bounce dry or towel. </p>
This is great information I have been looking for. Just a tip, I would suggest you take the bike and power wash the gears so they are clear of mud, then show the 'clean' steps. Next, put arrows to places and spots you are talking about. I had to really look for that H and L making...and line up the gear sprokets etc. As well, the last instruction, is that using H or L? Not sureLOL <br>Anyway, thanks so much for doing this, as now I can help the kids on the block when they are trying to keep that chain on, and can't fix..but now I can fully fix for them! Cool!:) <br>Cheers <br>Vicki
Some labels on the pictures would be helpful in these steps.
my chain seems to click because the derailleur is slightly off and the sprocket is hitting the side of the chain. what should i do?
White lightning is probably the best chain lube.. for dry weather. If you live in an especially rainy area or ride a lot in winter where it snows a lot you will want a different type of lube. I used to ride year round in Milwaukee, WI and during the summer I used White Lightning.(self cleaning, no greasy residue, great lube) Winter and spring called for something like Tri flow. A little messier but held up to the elements better.
thanks for the ible my derailer cogs are touching each other likethe little metal tab on top of the little cog my chain rubs on it and creates this horrible noise how do i adjust it?
If it's only when you have it on the smallest-sized gears, then it's a simple thing of shortening the chain a little bit, but it's nothing to really worry about, all it does is slowly wear a track on the tab your chain is rubbing against. I had that problem, shortened my chain, and it cleared it up...although, I also had the problem of the chain not being tight enough because the derailleur I was using was smaller than the bike and chain were designed for (I go through a lot of rear derailleurs, either they were of poor construction, I changed something and forgot to re-set the limits, or the stop-pin somehow wears out and the derailleur puts a kink in my chain and I have to push it home since my suspension forks won't work right if there's no oil in them, and if it's laid down, it leaks oil, and we no longer own a minivan and have no bicycle carrying racks for any of our 3 cars...)
thanks ive done it now
thanks im getting a chaibreaker next week so ill shorten it

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