Introduction: How to Turn 2 Lighters Into a Lightercycle

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Here are the instructions for making this awesome lightercycle using 2 lighters~

Step 1:

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These are the parts you should have after dismantling the lighters.

IMPORTANT : Please use extra care when dismantling the lighters! Use only emptied lighters, and be aware of the (possibly) pressurized lighter fluid as it might explode, so please do empty the lighter before proceeding the the disassembly

Step 2:

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Refer to this for the numbered components for the remaining assembling instructions.

Step 3: Tyres

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Step 4: Seat

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Step 5: Exhaust

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Step 6: Handle Bars

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Step 7: Front of Bike

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Step 8: Final Step

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Step 9: Finished Product

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krunion1 (author)2017-02-26

QUESTION: what Brands/types of lighter are useable for this?

Spadinator (author)2014-04-06

fun little project! Didn't take long at all to make!

BLARG! (author)2012-11-30

This is awesome! great instructible!

mrlunna13 (author)2011-04-09

Isn't this outright copyright violation?

mattthegamer463 (author)2011-01-24

I seem to recall that cheap lighter contents are liquefied-under-pressure, pretty important for it to be very empty when you crack it open.

mikeasaurus (author)2011-01-23

Are you the original author of this project?

(Chinese version)

oh no no..not the original author, but the original instructions were published in Chinese, and i translated them to English and post it for English-speaking users..Am i violating anything? I aint really sure about these things..haha

Kiteman (author)instructables_152011-01-24

Technically, you are violating copyright, unless you actively sought and received permission to use these images.

Ideally, it is expected that members post projects that they have actually made themselves, using images they have created themselves.

Sometimes original images are not possible or appropriate, but in this case they are.

I recommend you follow these instructions yourself, taking photos as you go, and then replacing the copied images with your own versions, and your own description of the Make (which would include different approaches you took to the plan), along with a link back to the inspiring original.

That would then become a genuinely awesome first project, rather than a somewhat disappointing copy.

taodih (author)instructables_152011-01-24

Might be best you link to his blog/post entry to credit him and would be nice to let him/her know.
think he wouldent mind just a translation as long original author is credited.

either way , nice to know ! but don't play with fire !

PS. add some general safety instructions like only use empty lighters and be carefull with fire. seems obvious but sometimes we can just forget.

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