How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Sexy One Piece Swimsuit





Introduction: How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

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Learn how to turn a t-shirt into a sexy one piece swimsuit. This swimwear project is cheap and easy. All you need is a tshirt, pins and a sewing machine.

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I clicked on the video and was sent to a page that said this:


This account is private."

So I can't watch the video.

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If you do decide to dye the white t-shirt using dye make sure you do it in a dye bucket or a regular clean bucket and not in the washer because you'll get color rings that will get on your clothes. Be sure to hand wash a dyed piece for the first few washes to keep color rings out of your washer.

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Nah, that's why you use the laundromat...JK ;)


This swimsuit looks great but I'm trying to make it and having trouble with the measurements for the pattern. :( Any advice from anyone?

I guess if one of us "had" to make a piece of clothing we probably could in a pinch. But you, you've obviusly got an eye for what will work as well as what is "inside" a piece of unrelated clothing. Very well done!! :-)

most of the t-shirts i have are white tho :(

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Be positive! Just dip it in the color dye of your choice...

Ok, first off I don't care what the material is of the t-shirt. The fact that she even came up with the idea is amazing. Very well done

Ok, first off I don't care what the material is of the t-shirt. The fact that she even came up with the idea is amazing. Very well done.

Second...HOLY SMOKING HOT! Some how I think she could make a paper bag look amazing!

...just my two cents.

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What is the music on "Make a lovely mag bag..." video?

First, maybe "swimsuit" out of a t-shirt is not practicle for swimming, but it could be a cheaper alternative if you just want to look the part or sunbath.
Second, I feel a few more steps should had been placed within this video, visually or verbally.

i think i'm in love!

You look very nice in this, but most people wouldn't. Honestly, swimsuits from t-shirts (or any cotton fabric) are just really impractical, seeing as one cannot swim in them. Maybe it could work (maybe!) if you sewed two or three layers of cotton together, but as is, the seam lines are showing from the outside!

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lolo they're for people like me who lost their swimsuit and need another one STAT!

I wonder if a 4 needle serger would have made a more skin friendly hemmed edge? Anyway, Thank you for this quick toot oriole. You are truly a vision to observe.

I would recommend that instead of putting a hemmed edge all around that you put the top and side straps in place sandwiched in between the two pieces(right sides together) and then sew all around all the edges, but the bottom edge. When you turn this inside out it will give you a great finished edge. Then all you need do is place the bottom straps and hem over the bottom edge. You could add contrast stiching after this also. You can also make the straps look more finished by folding them over, sewing the edges and turning them inside out. This takes a lot of time and patience as well. *The straps that are sewn into the inside out material should be pinned out of the way of the other sew lines so that it doesn't accidentally get sewn into the wrong spot. Great instructable. You are extremely gifted.